Weight, Sputum, and Nemo

Another slow day at home. Stuck for months not because of being HIV+ but because of a previous illness that I am still recuperating from. Before getting sick, my weight is around 115lbs.I got sick and lost 10lbs making my weight around 105lbs. Now I’m at 112lbs. My goal weight is 135lbs. Problem is, it’s hard for my body to gain weight. Biggest I got into was 120lbs.

I need to gain more more more.

Met someone at RITM during my CD4 count that works for a fitness center and encouraged me to go back to the gym. I forgot to get his number. Though he told me where he works so I might just drop by.

Target is 135, bulk up, be healthy, and look hot. So who wants to go and work out? Let’s get physical!


Was a bit anxious waiting for Ate Ana to text me the result of my sputum test. I woke up early, thought that Ate will text me around 10am. She said that the result will be released around 2pm.

Watched TV the whole time while waiting for Ate’s text. Had lunch and played with my new puppies (2 mini-pinchers).

2pm came, still no text from Ate. Decided to go out and buy my other meds and check out some DVDs from my local pirate. Bought 28 pieces of ethambutol (my pink pills) and 2 DVDs. Got home. Still no text.

I got nothing else to do at home. I rearranged our living room furniture so that the chi will flow. Yes… chi… it’s good for you.

Around 5pm, Ate texted me. My test came out negative.

Was happy about it. That means I just need to deal with my HIV and probably some infections. That means I can finally get back to my dingy job. That means… wait a sec.

The treatment for tuberculosis is 6 months. I’ve been on medication for a couple of months and now... the test came out negative? Oh well, the sputum does not lie.


Been chatting and texting B.I.T.C.H for a week. Also started exchanging emails with E. Left a message for TGM and to some Nemo’s,


I was chatting with B.I.T.C.H. this afternoon. We were both from the same school though I he already graduated when I just entered the academe. I hated their club way back in college. Rivals. But that’s all over.

We talked about “pusit” and I said I don’t want to be called as one. Pusit squints black ink. People with HIV should stop squinting.

Instead, call me Nemo… the gay clown fish with A.D.D. and short term memory.

So where is Nemo going?

3 Response to "Weight, Sputum, and Nemo"

  1. PinoyPoz Says:

    Correction... YOU were the "club"... WE were a "society"... Bwehehehe... Peace pusit!

  2. odin hood Says:

    ay maganda yan! keep the chi flowing hehe

  3. Trese Says:

    @B.I.T.C.H... society of critters! LOL

    @Odin Hood... yes.. chi... chi-chansu!