Oh La La

There are a few people I know who let it be known they are not particularly happy being single. They don’t want to be alone. They whine that there are slim pickings, complain about their relationship status, claim they want a partner, that they want someone serious... then go out and fuck some random stranger.

In other words, they’re not lonely. They’re horny. They want to get off. It’s an endorphin rush coupled with testosterone overload and adrenaline rush. And when the rush dissipates, they’ll feel alone again. This cycle continues until, one day, they’ve turned 40 and are still alone.

I understand how they feel because I’ve been both single for most of my life. What I don’t understand is the complaining. I used to complain but then realized that being single works better for me. I know it’s hard out there, but I work at it and don’t sit on my ass waiting for things to happen. And in this life, it's not about having a partner but having a life.

In the end, I’d like to say a few things to these people: Either keep on dating until you find someone who you like (there is someone out there for you), change your criteria/lower your standards, or just shut the fuck up because no one wants to hear about your relationship status because there are many other people in the same situation.


If there is something I love... it's music.

Music always keep me pumped up, makes me wanna fly, run, dive. Music makes me go emo, cry and teary eyed. Music helps make the pain go away.

Music is my favorite drug.

My favorite genre is house music but I have music appreciation to almost all types - pop, rnb, hiphop, even classical. I also have a compilation of music from the 40s, crooner music, indie, and even latin salsa. I go for originality, melody then lyrics.

When I need to rush something at work, I listen to Beethoven.

When I'm on the bus, I listen to house music.

When I'm on the shower, I listen to reggae.

I listen to chill out music until I fall asleep.


Long weekend ahead... No plans yet. Usually, the barkada will meet up, go clubbing, and party party party. Right now, my "barkada" is drifting apart. Some of us were getting too old for the usual gimmicks.

So where to go... where to go?

Sabi ko nga kay B.I.T.C.H...... gusto ko mag STAR CITY!

2 Response to "Oh La La"

  1. a46479 Says:

    And in this life, it's not about having a partner but having a life. - consider yourself lucky if you figure this one out earlier in life.

  2. Trese Says:

    early this year i already know that im happy with what i have right now. relationships are just icings on a cake. i love my life and will continue to live it. :)