I have a long history of different hair styles... and hair color. Thanks to my dad's genetics, I will never go bald. Not that getting bald is bad, I actually dig skinheads, but I have a huge head and I'll look like an alien without my thick hair.

Lately I was having problems with my scalp. At first it started with my scalp flaking out. Initial solution was to get an anti-dandruff shampoo and it worked for a week or so. Last month, it got worst. I think I have some fungal problems in my scalp. Scaling and flaking = not good. Thanks to my thick hair, you won't see it. It doesn't itch. It's just....

I then stated using Nizoral which in a way helped dry out the scaling. Still... i think there's a problem.

I think I have some skin infection or allergy. A couple of pimples, skin discoloration, some parts were super dry, i have some rashes in my knees. I do not think that it's stress related. I'll consult with RITM's dermatologist so I can get proper treatment.

Now, back to my hair. I think I need a trim. Snip snip snip! I'll drop by FIX festival tomorrow morning after my visit to RITM.

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  1. PinoyPoz Says:

    Hey Trese...

    Interestingly enough, immunodeficient individuals, e.g. HIV positives, are said to be more prone to dandruff... Geesh, like there's not enough to worry about, right? Hehehe.

  2. Trese Says:

    That just means i have to minimize wearing black tops... errr... my wardrobe is mostly black and gray. patay!

  3. MightyMike Says:

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  4. MightyMike Says:

    i believe you also have a condition called seborrheic dermatits. i for one is affected by it. its just that my face is more affected than my scalp. it is dry, greasy looking and flaking. (but it doesnt look like scalp flakes ha.) its like peeling a new skin.

    my derma said that its idiopathic. or shall I say IDIOTs for not knowing the exact cause. ive read that its due to a fungus called malessezia. if im not mistaken. anyway. i use cetaphil for cleaning/washing my face and triamcinolone acetonide for the dermatits. seems to work in minutes for me. i use stieprox as my shampoo and i never had a major attact of scalp flaking since i started using stieprox.

  5. Trese Says:

    thanks for the shopping tips Mike. :) The "flakes" in my face cleared up already, and in my scalp as well. My ARVs seem to work wonders... may glutathione ata. LOL

    Were you at the Christmas party Mike?