Vanity Fair

My momma told me when I was young, we are all superstars... She pulled my hair, put my lipstick on... char. 

Growing up, my mom make sure that aside from having good manners and good education, good looks din syempre. And you know, I was not born naman perfect. She made sure that I know good hygiene and take good care of my self. Which until now, I got used to do every freaking day. Minus the polbo sa likod, here are my vanity items. Stuff that I use every day.

Before making ligo, 2-3x a week, I apply calamansi to my underarms, my singit areas, my siko, my tuhod, my batok and my ankle. Gwapo ka nga, may chest and abs ka, pero ang itim naman ng singit, kili-kili, batok and siko mo. Haha

For my hair... well, it's short kasi. So I use wax every day. Damaged dry hair. I've been using Dove for 2 months and my hair is better na. Right now, I'm growing my hair long. Soon, I'll be the next Dove Girl!

When taking a bath, I use Johnson's Baby Milk Bath. I was laking Johnson's talaga. Ayoko ng mga whitening soap kasi dryness sa skin. Ayoko din ng soap. This one is better. For my supple baby skin ahihi.

Face. Ever since my pagbibinata phase, ayun, acne prone. Plus night shift at work and super OT. I tried Proactive last year pa and it works perfectly sa skin ko. 

And to get rid of those dark spots plus the oiliness of my face na parang you can make luto an egg na, Vaseline Men Anti-Spot. Love it! Dark blemishes is lighten na.

Body. Vaseline Perfect 10. Combination of Whitening and Anti-Aging. I put the lotion in the fridge para when I apply it to my skin, it's malamig.

Chapped lips? I use Mentha by Bath and Body Works. I super love the mint flavor. I also have the cinnamon mentha lip shine.
 Crest 3D white for my teeth. Water makes my teeth a little yellow so I don't have super pearly white teeth. Plus I smoke. Crest is great.
And of course, kailangan din ng mouth wash. This one's nice. 

On a regular day, I don't put pabango. Pero when I go out and go gimmick, I have 212. I used to like Citrussy na pabango pero I para kasi yung smell is so bagets. 212 for Men by Carolina Herrera is spicy and parang may wood scent ng slight which is amoy masarap, mayaman, and ma-L. LOL.

Last, this is not naman for daily use. Pero you will love it! Hahaha.

Durex Play 2 in 1 Massage Lubricant. Pang Massage. Pang Lube. Well, my friend told me dapat 3 in 1 'to kasi it can be a dildo as well. Ahahaha. I don't like local lubricant. Messy eh and super sticky. This one is super nice. Not sure if available na here in Manila. My friend bought this for me from HK and everytime he goes there, I asked him to buy me this. Sarap promise. With Vitamin E pa!

 Yan... Yeah.. Some might think I'm super vain. But hey, I wasn't born perfect. So this is how I take good care of my outer self. Next blog - my supplements and other stuff!