Change In Status

I told myself not to go on public (i.e. in Facebook) about my relationship status. But I just can't help myself. I'm already taken. Actually... the more politically correct word is "committed."


Friday I'm In Love


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Halo Halo, Shabu Shabu

Been seeing a poz guy and everything seems to be perfect. I met him May of this year in one of the gimmicks with the pozzies. I had a crush on him back then but during that time, I got all "torpe" and just decided to have fun with the group. It was a group gimmick anyway - movie, dinner and drinks.

Fast forward... I saw him online last week and invited him over my temp pad in the city.

...Skipping the details of what happened in the past few days.... Skip.... Skip.... Skip....

Everything feels right. Or is it? I dunno. I've been single for so long. Mixed feelings like halo-halo on a rainy day, like shabu-shabu on summer.

If you ask me now about me and the poz guy... my answer would be "Sana ito na nga."

Oh.... My.....

The guy in the video is sooooooo hot. Drool. Anyhoo....

A lot has happened in the past few weeks. Just busy with work but will post a lot of stuff soon. Recent sexcapades (with 2 guys, with an IT guy, and with someone from a local dragon boat team); a story about a "friend;" about work; about yoga, and a lot more.

I'm still alive. And yeah, the bitch is back.... Watch out.