Better, Better, Better

While some people are born beautiful, others get beauty thrust upon them in the way of hair, makeup, lighting, and a good photographer. Then, there’s me. No amount of good genes, thrusting, hair/makeup/lighting/photographer combo can make me into a cover model. A mowdel.

Seems like these days, everyone has their photos taken by professional and wannabe photographers. Anyway...

When dealing with my appearance, it takes a lot of effort just to look like me...

There’s the washing, scrubbing, shaving, exfoliating, moisturizing, tweezing, threading, squeezing, brushing, combing, and smoothing. And, that’s just a couple of things I do to my head. I won’t even describe what happens below the neck (although you can imagine).

There is so much work to be done and so little time to do it all. Lord knows I'll never be smokin' hot. Especially with what I have to deal with thanks to my HIV state.

But weeks ago, a pozzie friend saw me at the club.

"Ang kinis mo na! And you're getting leaner."

My rash marks are 95% gone, my skin is fairer, I'm almost 130lbs, and I feel much better. It's been almost a year since I was diagnosed. I look better than ever. I look... MAJOR MAJOR!

I think that this is my year. Better job. Better health. Better me! As for Running Man, better luck next time. I'm not gonna push through with him anymore. No progress. I may be the one with HIV, but he's more crippled than I am.

So... hello boys... come and get me!


RuPaul - Supermodel
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A career should be more than a job, but a sense of self.

When I graduated from college, I was not looking for a job; I wanted a career. Why did I spend all that time in school if I wasn’t going to get something out of it?

Yeah, I may have been around but my expertise and skill sets always fits any company, any industry. And I have an end state - to be an expert in project management.

Right now, my new job keeps me very busy.I usually work 10-12 hours a day, 5-days a week. I told myself that I can do overtime at the office but my weekends are MY WEEKENDS. I have a great boss who is from the UK who helps me further develop my skills. I talk directly to Senior executives and to our clients. And in just close to three weeks since I started working, I helped a pozzie get hired into one of our projects.

I am back on track on my career.

This time, I don't need to convince myself every time I wake up to move my ass just to get to the office and "work" like in my previous job.

Yeah.. maybe it is still premature, it's been less than month since I started. But like what I told my boss when he asked me how I'm doing... i told him... So far so good!

On the flip side, I miss some of my friends. I told myself that it's all about work from M-F. Sundays with family. Saturdays with friends but I usually can't get hold of them. I cut myself off from Facebook and YM when I'm at work. I need to focus.

I'm already 27 and I need to be at least in middle management by 30. Friends (real friends, not just gimmick friends) will always be there. I haven't seen my best friend for about 6 months because he was busy as well with work, he's a junior executive at the age of 25! My career idol.

I'll see you guys around. Priorities first.

Work! Sashay, shanté!


Oooooh.... By the way.... Pozzie Bloggers Meet and Greet... When do you want to have it. Preferably Sunday. I'll text you guys.

Watch Me Burn

"I can't tell you what it really is. I can only tell you what it feels like."

Haven't told him about my status yet. Will he still be with me. Will he "love" the way I lie?