The Queen is Back

And if i fly, or if I fall
Least I can say, I gave it all
And if I fly, or if I fall
I'm on my way, I'm on my way

It's been a while sissies but yes the queen is back. The queen ain't dead and there's no stopping this mother effing bitch in ruling the runway.

A LOT has happened so let me just give you a quick 411s.

1. From RITM to SHIP. Decided it's time to take my health in the hands of a private doctor. Said my farewell last month in RITM. It's been almost 5 years but the traffic in Zapote, the apathetic nurses and the poor services ticked what's left in my patience. I highly recommend all those who has the extra cash to move to a private clinic. Apart from your own doctor monitoring your health, this will allow those people who really needs help get some breathing room in RITM.

2. So I opened up my status to my close friends (about a year ago na din). Because the first person na I told my status found out that he's also a sissy and so I think I need to open up to the bigger group. And.... tada.... my other friend din pala is ganun. After a few months, we found out that our other friend got infected as well. So it's 4 out 5 in our barkada. So ikaw, mag-ingat ka ha! I mean, you can still sit with us but learn from our mistakes okay. On the flipside, at least we have each other.... pero....

3. So si other friend nag disappearing act na lang last February for no apparent reason. Disconnected from social media pero kita naman namin na #seenzoned sya sa chat. Right now he's doing good. I don't know what happened. I mean the whole barkada, di knows what happened. Di namin alam if galit sa amin, or what. So after the walang paandar and walang paramdam for 3 months from him, I decided to message him again in FB. He replied naman and said he was sorry for disappearing and di namin deserve yun. Oh well, your decision, your life. And yes, you can still sit with us.

4. My career is on a flyhigh. Like double drop tapos nag FU pa level (charing, no to drugs po). With what's been happening to my career, ashualley napapaisip ako minsan from my ka-sabawan - mag-out kaya ako? I mean, out with my status. I think lang kasi for those newly diagnosed na sa tingin nila eh it's the end of the world, I am one of those many survivors na may success story. From a CD4 of 13 way back in 2009, weighing 100lbs, with TB.... look at me now (of course di ako magpost ng pic mga sissies). Successful sa career (and di biro ang work ko, haggardo versoza with matching stress drillon), successful sa lovelife (#teamEternalCouple) and bumobortakels. Pero bigla ako nauntog.... I'm not ready to come out in public #imsorry #imnotsorry

5. Oh yeah I'm in my balik alindog project also known as #RoadToTheCrown. Now at 130lbs and nagkaka-suso na. May cuts na ang abs. Bumibilog ang pwet. Pero more more pa. This is my new addiction, ang pag gym-gym. Saka, like I'm getting old na nga so I need to exercise. Daba?

And so there, quickie update sissies. The queen is back. And sabi nga ni mama Ru, "If you don't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?"

Can I get an AMEN?

Oh yes. To my sissies. That's us in the video. And of course since I'm the queen, ako si RuPaul. Kayo na bahala kung sino kayo dun sa apat. Char.