Vanity Fair

My momma told me when I was young, we are all superstars... She pulled my hair, put my lipstick on... char. 

Growing up, my mom make sure that aside from having good manners and good education, good looks din syempre. And you know, I was not born naman perfect. She made sure that I know good hygiene and take good care of my self. Which until now, I got used to do every freaking day. Minus the polbo sa likod, here are my vanity items. Stuff that I use every day.

Before making ligo, 2-3x a week, I apply calamansi to my underarms, my singit areas, my siko, my tuhod, my batok and my ankle. Gwapo ka nga, may chest and abs ka, pero ang itim naman ng singit, kili-kili, batok and siko mo. Haha

For my hair... well, it's short kasi. So I use wax every day. Damaged dry hair. I've been using Dove for 2 months and my hair is better na. Right now, I'm growing my hair long. Soon, I'll be the next Dove Girl!

When taking a bath, I use Johnson's Baby Milk Bath. I was laking Johnson's talaga. Ayoko ng mga whitening soap kasi dryness sa skin. Ayoko din ng soap. This one is better. For my supple baby skin ahihi.

Face. Ever since my pagbibinata phase, ayun, acne prone. Plus night shift at work and super OT. I tried Proactive last year pa and it works perfectly sa skin ko. 

And to get rid of those dark spots plus the oiliness of my face na parang you can make luto an egg na, Vaseline Men Anti-Spot. Love it! Dark blemishes is lighten na.

Body. Vaseline Perfect 10. Combination of Whitening and Anti-Aging. I put the lotion in the fridge para when I apply it to my skin, it's malamig.

Chapped lips? I use Mentha by Bath and Body Works. I super love the mint flavor. I also have the cinnamon mentha lip shine.
 Crest 3D white for my teeth. Water makes my teeth a little yellow so I don't have super pearly white teeth. Plus I smoke. Crest is great.
And of course, kailangan din ng mouth wash. This one's nice. 

On a regular day, I don't put pabango. Pero when I go out and go gimmick, I have 212. I used to like Citrussy na pabango pero I para kasi yung smell is so bagets. 212 for Men by Carolina Herrera is spicy and parang may wood scent ng slight which is amoy masarap, mayaman, and ma-L. LOL.

Last, this is not naman for daily use. Pero you will love it! Hahaha.

Durex Play 2 in 1 Massage Lubricant. Pang Massage. Pang Lube. Well, my friend told me dapat 3 in 1 'to kasi it can be a dildo as well. Ahahaha. I don't like local lubricant. Messy eh and super sticky. This one is super nice. Not sure if available na here in Manila. My friend bought this for me from HK and everytime he goes there, I asked him to buy me this. Sarap promise. With Vitamin E pa!

 Yan... Yeah.. Some might think I'm super vain. But hey, I wasn't born perfect. So this is how I take good care of my outer self. Next blog - my supplements and other stuff!


Yeah yeah, got my pozzie twitter account. Hanap. Usap. Deal.

Beyotch Is Back!

Oh mga ateh, buhay pa ko! Been busy with work super. Di ako natuloy sa US due to some family problems na I need to attend to.Baka sa August or September ako mag fly somewhere.

Sa mga nag email sa akin at concerned kung bakit wala akong update, I'm still alive you know.

Next week na lang ulit. Hilo na ko sa Efav. Catch yah later beyotch!

USA Part 2

In 3 weeks, I'm off to the US for another business trip. My previous trip lasted for 3 weeks, this time, I'll be in the states for about 6-8 weeks.

At least I won't be in the scorching heat here in Pinas. I just hope I don't get sick during my stay in the US. I'll visit RITM before I leave to get my ARVs and get some prophylaxis and prescription on common meds just in case I catch a flu or infection. Some antibiotics, antibacterial and prophylaxis.

I'll miss by hubby. He'll be celebrating his birthday next month and I won't be here. I'm glad that at this point in our relationship, he now understands the nature of my work. That's a big plus in our relationship.

Before I fly to the US, I'll probably go to the beach with hubby. We were supposed to go to Gaylera last Holy Week but opted to stay home and ate halo-halo.

Good Feeling

My boss told me a few weeks ago that she just filed for my promotion and she's waiting for it to get approved. She told me this week that our boss approved it and HR is now working on my promotion + increase. Nakakaloka lang. I got my first promotion in less than a year, then this time, another promotion another. Things are looking good eh?

Other good news... we're looking at my next project and there's one with a trip to Oz! Well, it's work noh, pero the chance to travel again is great great great.

Health... well.... gaining weight by the minute. Though super stressful this past few weeks, ngayon okay na. Medyo kumikinis at pumoporselana ang balat ko na. Salamat sa Nivea. Haha.

Plans this summer. Dunno yet. Pero I wanna go to the beach. Not this holy week. Not in freaking galera during holy week. Holy Week in Galera = One big gay club with topless people. Yun lang. Haha. I already experienced Holy Week in Galera twice. Yung una, may sinampal lang ako kasi ang drama. Yung pangalawa, pinagbintangan pa ko na magnanakaw. Hello.... ang sarap isampal yung dala kong pera sa mukha nung nagnakaw. Oh well, good luck sa Galera. Magbabasa na lang ako ng pasyon sa amin.

Update update update. Oh, unexpected reunion a few weeks ago sa Malate. Went there with the other cast of Desperate Housewives. Ako shempre si Teri Hatcher. Then I saw my other friends. Saw my bestfriend as well. Tapos birthday din nung isa kong friend. Ang dami kong friend noh? Baka ikaw friend ko din, di mo lang alam! Hahaha. We went home early. Di na kami bata. Di na kaya ng katawan namin na makipagsabayan. And di kami actually nakikipagsabayan (sa paputian ng mukha, foundation day!). Naisip din namin, it's about time to learn a new hobby... ang mag swimming... sa mah jong table. Di ba! Donyang donya yun. PONG!

So ayun lang. Medyo wala pa ko masyado masulat. Wala naman kasi drama ngayon sa buhay ko. Madaming blog na nagsusulat ng ka-dramahan. Dito minsan lang pero usually wala. GV lang. Good feeling.


is my new number, my new CD4.

December 2009 - 13
June 2010 - 85 (+72)
December 2010 - 169 (+84)
June 2011 - 218 (+49)
January 2012 - 253 (+35)

Not bad. Up by 35 points. And who's to blame but me. Haven't been sleeping that much. Working 12 hours a day. Sometimes, I work on weekends. No exercise at all (unless you count retail therapy).

I also gained weight, I'm now at 61kg, roughly 134lbs. But I'm having what they call, "muscle wasting" from my ARV medication - Stavudine. I talked to Ate E and she said I need to swap back to Zidovudine. Now I'm on 3 months clinical trial for Zidovudine, hoping that my RBC stays normal.

In the next few weeks, I'll be working harder than ever on a new project. After this, I'm taking a month long break. Some R&R. Relaxation and... Recollection. I need a new plan on how to get to 300+ CD4.

Or maybe, I need a less stressful work (as if it exists.. ha!).

Oh well, at least I had +35. I'm still doing good. And hanging on still.


Woke up really early this morning. Went to RITM aka the Basement (dahil lumipat na sila ng location). Doraemon was early, he already asked the staff to pull-out my records. Pagdating ko, kinausap ako ni Mara, mali daw ang PhilHealth record ko sa kanila. I looked at the database, iba yung pangalan ko, and I'm self employed. Di pa ganun kaayos ang database ng RITM, ganun na talaga kadami ang poz sa Pinas. It's more fun ba?

Buti na lang kilala ako sa Basement (the infamous Lucky13). Dahil na din siguro sa pa-merienda ko lagi when I visit them. Di ako (masyado) mayaman, pero I make it a fact that I bring something to the staff. FREE ang nakukuha kong services (kahit na minsan may kabagalan talaga). Sa akin lang, para mas ganahan sila, bigyan sila ng something something. Di ba? Kesa mag-inarte ka dun akala mo ikaw ang reyna ng RITM tapos ni lugaw teh di mo sila mapakain. Kaya sa lahat ng meron namang spare cash, bring something to your treatment hubs. Kahit papaano, mapapasaya mo sila.

So anyway, it was our anniv check-up. Hinanda ko ang ugat ko para sa anniv check-up dahil sa 4-5 vials ng dugo na kailangan i-extract for the annual check-up - CD4, CBC, etc. I also need to do that injection thingy for TB (PPD) and sputum din. Plus the urinalysis and fecalysis. And XRAY.

So I had my blood extracted. Josko, si Ateh, parang gusto ako patayin sa pagdrain ng dugo. Then sa XRAY. Naku, sa mga pupunta sa RITM, patience sa XRAY lab dahil yung staff dun, pati sya parang dapat i-XRAY. Then to the pharmacy to get PPD. Then lipad kay Ate Ellen para magpa-PPD. Yung for urinalysis nabigay ko, yung for fecalysis, wit, eh nag fasting ako, kaya walang laman ang tyan ko, walang lalabas! Sputum, will be back sa Thursday.

Then nagpaconsult ako for my ARV. It's been almost 2 years na naka Stavudine ako. Pwede akong bumalik sa Zidovudine. Ang effect kasi ng Stavudine is muscle wasting. Kaya ang legs ko, susme, pang Elite Model sa pagka skinny. Buti pinayagan ako, akala ko monthly pa ko babalik, pero binigyan na ako ng 3 bote.

Note: Sa RITM, wala kang dedicated doctor kasi every month nagrorotate ang doctors. Unlike sa PGH. Kaya dapat alam mo ang records mo at alam mo ang history mo. Kaya dapat kilala mo din ang staff sa RITM. Kaya yung mga nagmamaganda sa RITM, wag masyado (lalo na pag di ka naman kagandahan).

Natapos kami mga 11:30AM. Had lunch at Festi. Nag-ikot saglit then umuwi na. At eto, masama pakiramdam ko. Dahil nakauwi ako ng 2pm tapos may pasok ako sa gabi, di kinaya ang konting oras na tulog. Buti mabait si boss, pinayagan ako mag SL.

Anyway, back to the basement, dami bago. Isa lang kilala ko na parang part na ng staff ng OPD. The rest baguhan. Yung isa, mabango. Yung isa, parang di naligo. Yung isa todo shades si ate, ayaw makilala. As in parang incognito. Akala ko bago, pero nung pinapull-out nya records nya, 1997 pa pala sya. Ganda ni ateh. Meron pa isa, naka shades din.... Summer na siguro, dami naka fake na Rayban.

This year, dami ko na plans. Di nakasulat sa papel, puro mental note lang. Kailangan ko ibalik ang modelesque ko na figure. Kasi... vain ako, saka summer na. Haha. And switching to Zidovudine is just the first step. My skin is getting better and whiter. From my cheetah print skin last 2010, ngayon wala na. Sabi din ni Liz Uy, di na uso ang animal prints in 2012.

This year, kailangan ko ulit ma-promote. Hahaha. I already talked to my boss and she said that malaki yung possibility na ma-promote ako.

This year, more out of town trips.

This year, more time for my love ones.

This year, I will try to be less maldita and less mataray. Less lang. I can't do a complete 180.

Ayun, yun na muna. Mahirap mag plano at maglista tapos January mo lang tutuparin.

Meme na me. Will blog on Friday for my CD4 results. Ang layo na ng narating ko as a pozzie. From a CD4 of 13 in (December) 2009 to 218 in (June) 2011. From my anorexic figure to a semi-chub self. From unemployment to now getting on his 2nd promotion.

And yeah, this year, I'm turning 30. Bet!