is my new number, my new CD4.

December 2009 - 13
June 2010 - 85 (+72)
December 2010 - 169 (+84)
June 2011 - 218 (+49)
January 2012 - 253 (+35)

Not bad. Up by 35 points. And who's to blame but me. Haven't been sleeping that much. Working 12 hours a day. Sometimes, I work on weekends. No exercise at all (unless you count retail therapy).

I also gained weight, I'm now at 61kg, roughly 134lbs. But I'm having what they call, "muscle wasting" from my ARV medication - Stavudine. I talked to Ate E and she said I need to swap back to Zidovudine. Now I'm on 3 months clinical trial for Zidovudine, hoping that my RBC stays normal.

In the next few weeks, I'll be working harder than ever on a new project. After this, I'm taking a month long break. Some R&R. Relaxation and... Recollection. I need a new plan on how to get to 300+ CD4.

Or maybe, I need a less stressful work (as if it exists.. ha!).

Oh well, at least I had +35. I'm still doing good. And hanging on still.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    when are you gonna update this. chronologically, you write it fun and seemingly least affected. youre the most upbeat among the poz bloggers. please write for more yah. it gives us hope that life can be fun despite having it