USA Part 2

In 3 weeks, I'm off to the US for another business trip. My previous trip lasted for 3 weeks, this time, I'll be in the states for about 6-8 weeks.

At least I won't be in the scorching heat here in Pinas. I just hope I don't get sick during my stay in the US. I'll visit RITM before I leave to get my ARVs and get some prophylaxis and prescription on common meds just in case I catch a flu or infection. Some antibiotics, antibacterial and prophylaxis.

I'll miss by hubby. He'll be celebrating his birthday next month and I won't be here. I'm glad that at this point in our relationship, he now understands the nature of my work. That's a big plus in our relationship.

Before I fly to the US, I'll probably go to the beach with hubby. We were supposed to go to Gaylera last Holy Week but opted to stay home and ate halo-halo.