Peter Pans

I guess everyone knows the story of Peter Pan.... The twink who flutters and flies, wearing green skinny tights, and who doesn't want to grow up.


Sometimes, it's okay to be childish, to be playful, to be a kid. BUT.... do understand that reality is not as simple as child's play. Oh, another thing....


I mean, seriously, what's with the drama? I had my shares of shit in my life and I told myself to suck it up, stand up, accept it and move on. Honey... there's no point if you'll just deny deny deny.

You might be wondering who Peter Pan is... well... actually... there are a lot of Peter Pans flying around in the metro. He might be a poz. He might be an old friend of mine. An office mate. Someone I just met. Or maybe... maybe... it's you?

Good thing though that I'm not a part of any of these dramas around me. I had more personal concerns to deal with. I don't have the energy nor time to get myself involved with. I stay neutral. I stay as far away from the battlefield. I don't want to get in the crossfire. I'll just ask little Tinkerbell for updates.


After a whirlwind of unforeseen and unfortunate events last week, the weekend finally came!

Friday was a slow one. I went out with my straight friend, the magician, at a straight bar.... Feels very Sixth Sense to me.... "I see straight people." Ladies grinding and gyrating to hip-hop tunes. This could've been my life if I was straight.... buti na lang bakla ako.

Saturday is movie night with friends. I met up with a newbie poz, Fish, first before watching Alice. We decided to have din din at Makati. I had a feeling that B.I.T.C.H. was in the area so I texted him. The one-on-one dinner with Fish became a 6-pack full of pozies at Greenbelt. Me, Fish, B.I.T.C.H., Leather Boy, Ivy (poz23) and Ati (the infamous eldest pusit of B.I.T.C.H.).

After dinner with the pozies, I met up with my friend to watch Alice. It was a great film IMHO. I'm not sure why some people kept on giving bad criticisms to the film. You just need to enjoy it. I love love the red queen! And I love my fat boys too!

After the movie, we went clubbing in Malate. Most of my friends were there. A lot of cute guys pero I'm a goody goody last night. Just had 3 bottles of beer that night. Goody goody mode. I left my friends in Malate around 5am. Got home around 630am, had breakfast, and slept.

Been sleeping the whole day last Sunday. Fun Fun Fun!

Staight Up

Around noon last Saturday, a new friend, a straight guy (let’s call him the magician) that I met last January, asked me to come over to his place and join his friends for a small get together. I think it was the third time that the magician invited me to one of his parties. The magician and I were not really close. I met him once during an event and did not really spend a lot of small chit-chats with him. At first I was hesitant, thinking that this might be a set up for a gang-bang-tripper party of some sort but then again, the magician is a cutie. Ahahaha! Kidding aside, the magician asked me for some help and I was so eager to teach him some tricks. He’s been calling me “Idol” since we met. What can I say, I got talent!

He told me that the dinner party will start around 5pm (yeah, that early). I arrived around 530ish… it was only the magician and I in his place. He said that his best friend and his best friend’s girlfriend will arrive around 7ish, while the chicks (oh yeah…. Chicks pare) will be there around 9pm. Everyone’s straight except me.

While waiting for the rest of the crew, I taught the magician some tricks. What tricks? A software program that I’ve been using for years already. Haha.

I was already thinking of leaving his place around 7ish. Shortly, his best friend and best friend’s girlfriend came. I saw the best friend… sando boy! I decided to stay. Hahaha.

Later on, the chicks came. Then 2 other guests joined us as well – poker boy and another girl.
It’s been years since I got myself invited in a party where 99% were straight (excluding office parties of course). And the group was really nice to hangout with. A new way to spend my Saturday night.

The party ended around 4am. Poker boy was the first to go, then the chicks. Then me, sando boy and sando boy’s girlfriend. It was really nice to meet new people, and this time, straight ones. Half drunk and half sober, I decided to go to Malate.

My phone was already dead and I was not even sure if I’ll see some friends in Malate. Luckily, after waiting for about 20minutes in the streets of Nakpil/Orosa, I saw 3 friends, overly drunk.
We sat outside O-Bar. Malate is really…. All-sorts of gay. The discreet kind but when you start talking to them, they are sopranos in the making. I saw a guy wearing a zebra print glossy vest with a blond Mohawk. I guess animal prints are back. The “nagmamaganda pero di naman maganda.” My crushie (sheeeeeeeeeet!) who was drunk already. I want to approach him and re-introduce myself but I was so shy. Nakakainis! Next time baby (naks…. Baby). And of course, in one side of the street, you’ll see the contestants for Binibining Booking 2010. Kulang na lang salamin, parang built in aquarium na… ang lalansa. LOL.

I got home around 7ish. Home alone far away from the metro. It was a great Saturday night meeting new faces, being friends with my 2 Fag Stags – magician and sando boy, seeing the zebra print vest, etc.


A pozzie asked me, “Are you happy?”

I said yes. Why shouldn’t I be happy? Yeah maybe I have some sad moments in my life, emo days, but over-all, I am happy. Happiness is a choice.

The same pozzie told me one time that he knows another pozzie who lives his life as if everything’s normal.

Well…. Except for the virus that flows in my blood, I still live a normal life. I got passed the denial and guilt stage of being an HIV-infected individual. I accepted it already. But having HIV does not cripple my abilities, does not put me in the disability zone, the incapables, etc.

Dear pozzie friend… I can’t help you change your outlook in life. Ultimately, it’s your choice. Choose to live a life in sadness and despair or choose to live a happy and fab life.