After a whirlwind of unforeseen and unfortunate events last week, the weekend finally came!

Friday was a slow one. I went out with my straight friend, the magician, at a straight bar.... Feels very Sixth Sense to me.... "I see straight people." Ladies grinding and gyrating to hip-hop tunes. This could've been my life if I was straight.... buti na lang bakla ako.

Saturday is movie night with friends. I met up with a newbie poz, Fish, first before watching Alice. We decided to have din din at Makati. I had a feeling that B.I.T.C.H. was in the area so I texted him. The one-on-one dinner with Fish became a 6-pack full of pozies at Greenbelt. Me, Fish, B.I.T.C.H., Leather Boy, Ivy (poz23) and Ati (the infamous eldest pusit of B.I.T.C.H.).

After dinner with the pozies, I met up with my friend to watch Alice. It was a great film IMHO. I'm not sure why some people kept on giving bad criticisms to the film. You just need to enjoy it. I love love the red queen! And I love my fat boys too!

After the movie, we went clubbing in Malate. Most of my friends were there. A lot of cute guys pero I'm a goody goody last night. Just had 3 bottles of beer that night. Goody goody mode. I left my friends in Malate around 5am. Got home around 630am, had breakfast, and slept.

Been sleeping the whole day last Sunday. Fun Fun Fun!

2 Response to "Wonderland"

  1. Cofiboy Says:

    why i wasnt invited trese??


  2. fishinthepacific Says:

    it's a blessing to have met you trese! :) thanks!