Better, Better, Better

While some people are born beautiful, others get beauty thrust upon them in the way of hair, makeup, lighting, and a good photographer. Then, there’s me. No amount of good genes, thrusting, hair/makeup/lighting/photographer combo can make me into a cover model. A mowdel.

Seems like these days, everyone has their photos taken by professional and wannabe photographers. Anyway...

When dealing with my appearance, it takes a lot of effort just to look like me...

There’s the washing, scrubbing, shaving, exfoliating, moisturizing, tweezing, threading, squeezing, brushing, combing, and smoothing. And, that’s just a couple of things I do to my head. I won’t even describe what happens below the neck (although you can imagine).

There is so much work to be done and so little time to do it all. Lord knows I'll never be smokin' hot. Especially with what I have to deal with thanks to my HIV state.

But weeks ago, a pozzie friend saw me at the club.

"Ang kinis mo na! And you're getting leaner."

My rash marks are 95% gone, my skin is fairer, I'm almost 130lbs, and I feel much better. It's been almost a year since I was diagnosed. I look better than ever. I look... MAJOR MAJOR!

I think that this is my year. Better job. Better health. Better me! As for Running Man, better luck next time. I'm not gonna push through with him anymore. No progress. I may be the one with HIV, but he's more crippled than I am.

So... hello boys... come and get me!

7 Response to "Better, Better, Better"

  1. Kane Says:

    Ahhh... SO Running Man's over. Oh well. I'm glad things are falling into place =)


  2. iamhivpositive Says:

    love love love! =)sama ako sa gimik... hahahaha... turuan mo ako!


  3. Ex Jason Says:

    pasok sa club sabay kaway at bati "Good evening gentlemen and gentlemen! Good evening Malate!"

    ang beauty talaga. kailangan nating mahirapan at masaktan para lang makamit.

    kaya kelangan masuklian ng sarap.

  4. InfinityStrip Says:


    My baseline CD4 count was also 13. That was 2 years ago.

    2 years and 24 bottles each of AZT+3TC & Efavirenz later, I am now at a CD4 count of 200++ and a viral load of "undetectable".

    I am just so happy to come across other PLWHA writing about their experiences and living life normally.

  5. ImPositiveToo Says:

    So you already told running man about your HIV status?

  6. Trese Says:

    @kane.... uy i saw u at at GK around 5am think. Miss u friend

  7. Trese Says:


    I hope to meet you sometime. Seems that we have a lot in common!