Oh.... My.....

The guy in the video is sooooooo hot. Drool. Anyhoo....

A lot has happened in the past few weeks. Just busy with work but will post a lot of stuff soon. Recent sexcapades (with 2 guys, with an IT guy, and with someone from a local dragon boat team); a story about a "friend;" about work; about yoga, and a lot more.

I'm still alive. And yeah, the bitch is back.... Watch out.

4 Response to "Oh.... My....."

  1. positHIVe Says:

    welcome back!
    im excited about your sexcapades. :P

  2. Ex Jason Says:

    what video?

    lol i'm feeling very stupid right now.

  3. imsonotconio Says:

    from dragon boat team i like

  4. Trese Says:

    ang tanga tanga ko di ko napost ng maayos yung video. hehehe. ayan there na