Kiss Kiss

Quite often, people exalt their skills in a variety of things. Whether they’re good with numbers, at sports, or in the arts, they never stop talking about how good they are.

But, there is one skill I’ve never understood why people talk about: kissing.

How can a subjective skill be rated on by the individual doing the deed? Last time I remember, kissing is dependent on the POV of others.

Even if it is true, how does it happen? Not everyone is naturally talented (no matter what their over-inflated egos think). When dealing with kissing, could it be a matter of practice makes perfect: The more people you kiss, the better you are at it?

It’s not the same as people who talk about their sexual prowess. People can have lots of sex, but that means they’re whores, and nothing more. Kidding. Insert A into B. Remove A from B. Repeat. Kissing is much more complicated, with more calculations than a quadratic equation. Exponential limits even.

Of course, no one would ever admit to being a bad kisser. That’s lunacy.

So, whatever the answer (natural born talent, or smacking machine), all I have is one question: Can I get in on some practice?

2 Response to "Kiss Kiss"

  1. hondafanboi Says:

    good point. well... for more hookup possibilities i suppose, hence the claim to angelina jolie's tiara?

    in my case... i know that i am a bad kisser... anyone care to prove otherwise? ching! effect lang.

  2. Pipo Says:

    I'm lunatic. =S