Who's Your HotDaddy

I'm still alive folks. Sorry, no regular updates from me. Been BUSY with work. After work, I usually just go home and hit the sack. Weekends were usually spent at home in my bed. I have a no-laptop policy when I'm at home except today. I need to check some emails from my boss who was sick last week. My bandwidth will be stretched next week. Sige lang, stretch lang ng stretch.

Last night though, I went out. I decided that before the gates of hell open next week at work, I need to go out.

And when Lucky13 goes out.... it's gonna be epic!

My day started with me hitting the gym. It's been 3 weeks since I went to the gym. I'm gaining weight but the fat and muscle distribution is all over. Ack! Gym for two hours. Todo. After working out, I took a quick shower. While I was dressing up, I noticed how big I became. Well, I mean, big in terms of body mass. Haha. And if you want to ask about that thing under my pants, it's..... hahaha.

My friend texted me and was asking me to go out and celebrate his birthday. It's been a month since I saw most of my friends. What a perfect excuse to get drunk.

Another text message. It's from "HotDaddy."

I think everyone has a mental checklist of guys they want to have sex with. I have mine. It's like a pokemon list... a pokedex right? Gotta catch them all!

A ramp/tvc/print model - check!
A stage actor - check!
A director - check! (oh yes, but it's not like he offered me a B film before having sex. lol)
A band member - open
A married guy - check! In their bed. Hahaha.
An older guy - check! He's 15years older than I am.
A student - open
A barrista - open
A doctor - open

and yes... last night... HotDaddy!

I met HotDaddy in Makati last year. I was in Powerbooks. Spotted. Guy in his 30s, laidback, clean cut, eyeing me. It was like cat and mouse around Powerbooks. Then after 20 minutes, he sat beside me. Blah blah... eventually, we ended at SBC having coffee. He's a single dad of 2 kids. After that night, after exchanging numbers, I never heard from him again. The last text I got from him back then was that he's going to Australia for work.

And now, I think HotDaddy is back... and is lonely.

I met him at his pad in Makati. His kids are on vacation. We had dinner, HotDaddy knows how to cook. And then we sat at the sofa and had wine.

Wine.... makes me either emo... or horny.

Anyway, I'm skipping the details about my sexual encounter with HotDaddy. But it was sweet and nice and sensual.... and towards the end... it was very wild. I wonder if the neighbors heard our ooooohs and ahhhhhs.

He drove me to the club. He then told me that he's going back to the US for work. And that he doesn't want to miss the opportunity of seeing me again before he leaves. Awwwww.

He gave me a big long hug and a peck on the cheek. HotDaddy is sweet.


At the club.. .same old same old. It was too crowded. Clubbing is not new to me. I've been around. Been there. Done that. Done that guy. Been in that hotspot. LOL. I saw old friends, friends who i haven't seen for the past 2-3-6 months!!!!

J, old crushie C, new crush N: "Lucky.... you look great! We miss you"
Lucky: Hugs J, Hugs C for 3 seconds, Hugs N for 5 seconds. Hehehe

J, E, K: "Ate, tumataba ka..."
Lucky: "2 weeks ko lang kayo kasama ha!?"
J: "Ok fine, healthy ka. Di ka mataba."

K: "OMG. I miss you. Di ka nagpapakita"
Lucky: "Busy with work."
K: "Fuck you"
Lucky: "Thank you."
*nice seeing you K.... hope to see E soon.


I got home around 530am. Bought lugaw for breakfast. Showered and slept. Woke up at noon. Checked my phone for messages. One came from RunningMan. "Miss you," he said. I replied, "Sorry just woke up. Yeah miss you too."

Okay, a quick update about RunningMan.

1. I haven't told him about my status.
2. He's not relationship material.
3. He has no direction in his life.
4. A lot more....

One thing I told myself when getting into relationships is to avoid, as much as possible, people who has a lot of extra baggage. A person who, in a way, knows what he wants. Oh well. It is what it is.... :)

5 Response to "Who's Your HotDaddy"

  1. imsonotconio Says:

    i love daddy type looking guys



    skinhead hehehe

  2. toffer Says:

    naku... kelangan mo na ng somebody to love and who'll love you in return.. been reading yer blog since last month.. encouraging talaga..:)

  3. Pipo Says:

    Ah. Daddies.... >:D

  4. Kane Says:


    It's been agessssssssssssssss...

    It was really nice to see you again. And I'm glad you seem to be doing really well. =)


  5. Anonymous Says:

    read your whole blog history in 2 days!!! parang telenovela. can't get my eyes off my laptop.

    i admire your courage, your disposition in life and most of all, the positivity of your life (no pun intended).

    you're the light at the end of the tunnel for everyone. keep it up and will always pray that all good things come your way.