Change In Status

I told myself not to go on public (i.e. in Facebook) about my relationship status. But I just can't help myself. I'm already taken. Actually... the more politically correct word is "committed."


7 Response to "Change In Status"

  1. canonista Says:

    Finally1 Congratulations Trese!

  2. Pipo Says:

    Wooot! Congrats! =D

  3. Pipo Says:

    Wooot! Congrats! =D

  4. DENASE Says:

    I just had I first glimpse of your blog this day.

    You're a homo? This is really crazy! I know you rock the world with your blog posts. And I'm looking forward to go into interactions with people of different color of threads in life.hoping more to continue reading your write-ups

  5. Juan de la Cruz Says:

    awwwww... stay happy and in love. good luck to the both of you. :)

  6. Kane Says:

    Oh wow, Lucky! Nakakatuwa naman. I am happy for you =) Kaya pala perky ka lately.

    Best wishes, love.


  7. Green Xuanya Says:

    congrats :)