Been busy with work, spending a lot of time with my hubby, yoga 1x a week, etc. Enough about me, let’s talk about other people.

Spotted A: Seems that everyone is in a relationship these days. According to my friend, the term is.. “Umi-ina ka ha.” Umi-in-a-relationship. So who’s playing duets?

Love does exist even in the poz world. It’s Love in
the time of HIV. Cholera is sooooo 90s. FAs for my change in status.... hush hush about us... he's non-showbiz kasi. Alam mo naman ang mga inggiterong itrigerra!

Spotted B: There are 4-5 blogs talking about disclosure. What hit me most is THISB’s blog. My take on disclosure is this.

1. If you tell someone about your status, there's always a risk of them telling it to someone else. No matter how much you trust the person with your secret, there is a risk. So make sure that you are ready when it bites you back.

2. If a fellow pozzie effing tells someone about your status, that’s betrayal by breadknife. I pity that pozzie in THISB’s blog. I don’t get his motive(s) or lack thereof. I came up with a conclusion that the loud mouth pozzie is sad. A sad clown. A sad guy wearing a red Ever Bilena lipstick in his face. Cheap!

3. I know, non-pozies would want to know who’s who in the pozzie world. Cannot b
e, borrow 1. Just be safe every one.

Spotted C: Fauxbook. Another sad story about a pozzie who created 2 pseudo Facebook profiles. Pseudo profiles with hot profile pics. Unfortunately, I know whose pictures were posted in one of the profiles. Eh model kasi yun eh. So I looked at the fake profiles and analyzed it more. I studied the way the shout-outs were written. There were no tagged pictur
es, only studio shots. Another sad clown. Not sure why he needs to come up with fake profiles. Schizo-much?

Spotted D: If marunong kang mangutang, matuto ka magbayad. Sana pwede ‘to i-face-to-face. Unfortunately, mangungutang has no face.

Spotted E: Swallow. Stupid question: “If nalunok ba yung tamod, makakahawa ba?” EWWWWWWWW! Ewwww because now ko lang narinig yung term na tamod ulit. Oo na, maarte ako. Pero naman… Tamod is so ghetto. Number 2 ewwww moment… the swallow part. I never in my life swallowed cum, accidentally swallowed it, or asked someone to swallow mine. Pre-cum, yes. Cum, no. I can be dirty, but im not filthy. Oh yeah, I did not replied to

Spotted F: Oh... guess who's back in town? Hehehe. Welcome back my kababata!

So there.... busy busy busy. Everything's good. Til my next chismis. I'll have my next CD4 count in December. I'm a little excited. I hope to hit the +200 mark!

2 Response to "Spotted"

  1. positHIVe Says:

    blair ikaw ba yan? feeling gossip girl! :)

  2. Green Xuanya Says:

    You hit 200 you buy me cake and coffee ;p