My Best Friend's Wedding

Saw my gay bestfriend and his partner last night. It's been almost a year since we saw each other. Both of us were pretty much busy with our careers and we have said our goodbyes to the usual gimmicks. It was a surprise that I saw him last night.

Talked to his partner, a VP in one of the biggest banks here in the country. Was supposed to work for that company but my current employer got me signing the job offer before I received an interview schedule with them. M asked me if I want to work for them since they need the best people in one of their projects. It got me thinking... he's offering me 2x the salary that I am getting now. Unfortunately, I have a 1 year bond with my current employer. Bummer right? I told him that I'll apply after my bond expires.

Is money really that important? In a way, yeah. It pays the bills. It buys you stuff. You can save and invest and buy a house, a car. Call me materialistic but it doesn't hurt to splurge a little. To have what you always want. And yeah... to save up for the future. You cannot live in love alone. Love doesn't feed you, usually it gives you indigestion. Blame it on the butterflies in your stomach.

Anyway... going back. My bestfriend is getting married next year. In their 1st year anniversary. I love my best friend. He's not afraid to show his sexuality, his love, himself to the world.

So that makes me one of the bride's maids in his wedding. But damn I don't wanna wear an ugly dress. Hahaha.

I love you bes!

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