There are times where I feel the need to be comforted and a pillow won’t do. It’s not because I’m lonely. It’s because I want to feel the comfort and the warmth of another body. I need someone beside me, to cuddle with me.

It doesn’t have to be in bed. It can be on a sofa, a chair, or the floor. The floor... hehe. We don’t have to be naked. We can be fully clothed, wrapped in blankets. There doesn’t need to be any R-rated moments. The only thing we need is each other’s company.

Just to have somebody there, somebody in my nook, me in theirs, with an arm around me, or with my arm around them, feeling their faint breath on my neck, or mine in their hair. In the past, there’s nobody here. There’s nobody to cuddle with except for my pillow. But then I met him.

7 Response to "Cuddle"

  1. iamhivpositive Says:

    ikaw na.... ;p

  2. REDMAN Says:

    wow sana ako din hhehehehe !

    kakaingit naman hinahanap ko din ganyan ngayun

  3. lee Says:

    sweetness! =D

  4. Juan de la Cruz Says:

    awwww... sweet :)

  5. m2mtripper Says:

    I like this post. Very heartfelt.

    I'm single by choice and I'm enjoying it. Napaisip tuloy ako bigla... Baka kasi masyado kong ma-enjoy ang status ko ngayon, mawalan na ako ng interest to be with someone.



  6. positHIVe Says:

    landi mo tlga!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    its true sometime we need someone to be lonely with us. so that we can tell somebody that i am alone. it hurts a lot to be alone. its a great blessing if somebody truly understand you and is always there for you with out any excuse or time table.