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4 Response to "Under Construction"

  1. The Green Man Says:

    I ma following oyu ans I suppose you are doing the same with my blog :-D

    I hope we get to meet soon when I visit RITM. I usually visit Thursday, bring lunch for Ate Anna, Tita Ellen and the rest of the gang who's going to be present for the day.

    Life has always been good to me since I was confirmed. It came as a blessing in disguise. I feel healthier, lived healthier, met loving and sincere friends, became close to my family... and a whole lot more! Trust me when I say a whole lot more.

    Like what E always tell say... I am the pathologically happy one :-D

    I hope you can share your contact information (to me) so that we can keep in touch real time. Of course I will give you mine too :-D

    Cheers buddy. Hugs, hugs :-D

  2. Trese Says:

    Hey TGM... i emailed you my mobile number. I was in RITM kanina before lunch to get some meds. Will be back next week, and next next week for my appointment with Dra.

  3. Bong Says:

    hey guys, am new at this, maybe we can hang out in the future

    soon i hope ;)

  4. Trese Says:

    sure sure... pag di na busy masyado sa office, we can hang out. medyo dami dami dami dami lang ginagawa... take good care of yourself okay