Friday Madness (?)

I had my last shot of streptomycin yesterday. Both my arms still aches, tolerable pain. I'm still on 2 antibiotics until next week. Feeling much much better. Hopefully I can start my ARVs next weekend.

Been using a facial anti-fungal cream for my face (Daktakort). Effective. Now I just have to have my acne scars erased. Erased? Lol. No more facial flakes.

Hair.... is falling. I'm not yet getting bald. The flakes are now gone, still have a little bit of scaling. Yes... i'm a fish. I have scales.

No... wait.... I'm a mermaid!


Lazy friday at work. Everyone except for me is working from home. My laptop is not yet available, still under repair.

Had snacks around 3pm. Shrimp sandwich with biggie coke and biggie fries. At around 430pm, I met up with BITCH and E. Another round of snacks...

Meeting BITCH for the first time. I always get shy and quiet during first meet-ups. Pa-virgin mode so-to-speak. Will be more lively when we meet again.... promise. :)

Got back to work... and watched the latest episodes of Glee. My current guilty pleasure.

Went to MOA after work to meet AO. He's a nice, daddy-like, chinese gay guy. Will be helping out with his resto. I'm not yet hired. Will have some sort of audition tonight.

We had pizza... Weird pizza. Imagine...

Thin crust...


Ground Beef...


Green Mango.

Infairness.... MASARAP!


Since the night is still young... i went to Malate. Met up with friends and then went home around 4am.

On the bus home... a quite cute guy sat near me. He was eyeing me...

Now let's play the game of "who's desperate?"

I did not actually flirted with the guy but just gave him the occasional glance and smirk. He then signaled for me to sit beside him.

I ignored him then pretended to call someone.

I ended the fake phone conversation. I yawned and stretched my streptomycin-injected biceps, stretched my legs as well then brushed my groin slightly.

He looked at me... then signaled once more for me to sit beside him. He even started tapping the seat.

I picked my phone again and set it to alarm after 1minute. When the alarm went off, I pretended to have another call.

He was getting more desperate I guess.... He tapped the seat again, he never took his eyes of me.

He got off the bus, 2 blocks from where I live. Masakit siguro puson nya. LOL.

Too bad for him... i'm just teasing him.

Yes... I'm a tease. And I tease those who desperately wants a quick fix. I like flirting. It's mentally orgasmic. The body language. I even love playing with words. I don't flirt that much these days.... Minsan lang pag tinopak.

And besides.... I don't play in public... I can do PDA. Cinematic PDA pa if you want. Hahaha. Tapos sya gusto nya sa bus pa?!

I may be easy but I'm not cheap. Sosyal ako eh. Ako si Anne Curtis. LOL

2 Response to "Friday Madness (?)"

  1. PinoyPoz Says:

    Ah so cheap pala ako?! Amp! Bwahaha... sorry, defensive mode... :-D Was great meeting you... till next time!

  2. Trese Says:

    Di ka cheap... you paid for "snacks" last friday. Galante ka! Hehehe.
    See you at our Christmas party... :)