A friend of mine was making his usual drama. This time due to my missing-in-action status for weeks. I decided to drop by his pad and hang-out with him.

I got to his place. He said he needs to work for a while. Owkay... Watched TV while waiting for him to finish up. He finished working (and facebooking) after 2 hours. I asked him our plans for the night, what he wants to do... he said he has no plans, he'll just stay home and sleep early.

My left eye twitched...

I told him i'll just go to the mall because I am not planning to spend my evening watching him snore.


Had dinner alone at the mall. I like eating out. I like eating out alone. I like hearing every bite and slurp. I had a half-pound burger, lemonade, doughnuts, coffee, etc. Food trip. Love it.


My friends texted me. Asking me if I wanna go out... I was already on my way home. I texted him when i was still at the mall if he wants to go out but he replied too late.

My right eye twitched...

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