Drugs, Theology and Furniture

3rd time this week in RITM. I went back because I need to take some meds first before I start on my ARV. 3rd time this week that I need to wake up around 7am so I can avoid the traffic in Las Pinas. I spent more time in transit versus time spent in RITM. And this morning, I just have to pick up new meds.

Ate, a nun, a seminarist, and a fellow pusit were in the clinic. Ate and I had a small chat. Because of my TB infection which is not yet fully treated (was diagnosed with TB just months ago), I was advised to not start on my ARV and to prep myself up first on additional meds and an antibiotic.

Trese Drug List:

Lamivudine + Zidovudine; twice a day - postponed
Efavirenz; once a day, before sleeping – postponed
Ciprofloxacin; 3x250mg in the morning and in the evening
Cotrimoxazole; once a day
Ethambutol; 2x500mg; once a day before breakfast (previous TB prescription)
INH; once a day before breakfast (previous TB prescription)
Streptomycin; 1gm to be injected daily for 5days

Stress-Tab Multivitamin; once a day
Vitamin C; 500mg; twice a day after every meal
Vitamin B complex; 100mg; once a day
Liverade; once a day

Yes… im a druggie. I am taking 15 tablets + an injectable. Actually, I am planning to take additional supplements to boost my health: anti-oxidants, melatonin, 5htp (the good mood supplement), etc. But I think all I’ll get is an expensive urine. I’ll just stick with current drug list.


When I was about to leave the clinic, Ate asked if it’s okay for me to talk to the nun and the seminarist. They were doing their thesis in theology and their topic is about HIV. I sat down with sis and bro. The interview is more on getting to know my story. It was a quick 10-15 minute interview.

Oh my… I’ll be on a theology thesis paper.


I got home and told my mom about my pre-ARV medication. I told her about the injectable as well. She asked I have to pay for my meds. I got the Cirpofloxacin and Cotrimoxazole for free at RITM but the Streptomycin + sterile water I bought from the drugstore which costs about Php130 all-in-all. She also asked if RITM cleared me for work. I told her that the test would be out by tomorrow.

Her last question was the question that made my day….

She showed me pictures. Pictures of sofas, a green one and a blue one. She asked which one’s better because she’s getting a new sofa. I picked the green one.

Good thing she has a gay son. I got excellent taste in fashion, food… and furniture.

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  1. PinoyPoz Says:

    Great! I love the positivity! :-)