To The Hills

Will be going to the Hills tomorrow to get my ARVs. Will meet up with ChemistGuy for lunch first then to the Hills. ChemistGuy is a new poz blogger. Seems that more and more pozzies are doing their own blogs. I think with Pinoy Poz Bloggers, we can share our stories, our sentiments, our eccentricity, our lives. We, like any other human being, still live a normal life.

E is sick. He's confined at the Hills. Will bring something, food, etc. I owe E a lot. He's one of those pozies who's been there for me during my first few months as a new pozzie.

So there... good night folks.

3 Response to "To The Hills"

  1. fishinthepacific Says:

    hope E is going to be okay :(

  2. Trese Says:

    He's much better na. :)

  3. a46479 Says:

    the hills... natawa ako dun ah! i missed the hills.