Shooting Stars

I was walking at the resort last night, the sky was clear, lots of stars in the sky. I sat by the bench and lit a cigg. Maybe I'll see a shooting star tonight, then I'll make a wish. And if I do see one, and if I wish hard enough, it has to come true. The stubborn thought process of a child made me want it to come true because I believed it could.

Not being a child, anymore, I still wonder if the skies hold any promise.


I wish people would take a step back and exhale.
I wish people would listen, understand, and be more open minded.
I wish people would give into the possibility of living.
I wish people cared enough to ask, rather than stare and be judgmental.

I wish I knew what was on your mind.
I wish I knew why my life is the way it is.
I wish I could make you proud.
I wish you peace, love and happiness.

I wish for a cure.


I don't know if my wishes will ever come true. They say that if you let the world know about what you want, what you dream, what you wish for, that if you project these ideas in the universe, that in some way, somehow, they might all come true.

6 Response to "Shooting Stars"

  1. Kane Says:

    "Waiting for a star to fall
    And carry your heart into my arms
    That's where you belong
    In my arms baby, yeah."


  2. Lucky Says:


  3. Juan de la Cruz Says:

    i like it a lot and i echo your wishes too especially in wishing for a cure

  4. Trese Says:

    @Juan... hey buddy! :)

  5. glentot Says:

    Cure for what? for wishing for too much? hehehe...

  6. Trese Says:

    @glentot... a cure... basta. hehehe