Date Night

Last night I went out on a movie night with someone. We met up north, had Japanese for dinner, and went to the cinema house to watch Tina Fey and Steve Carell's movie, Date Night. Highly recommended. I love Tina Fey! Smart humor, full of adlibs and witty catch phrases. And to top it off, a topless Mark Wahlberg! It was a hillarious flick, might watch it again.

After the movie, I had 3 options, 3 places that I can go to that night. A party somewhere in QC with the vampires, alcohol binging at the Fort with some friends, and gay clubbing somewhere in the metro. I decided to go gay clubbing with a friend that I haven't seen for months!

I have lots of friends... the vampires, the becks, the straight ones, etc. And I try to balance my social life by fluttering from one circle to another.

We were a bit early... The music for me was too much... almost hard house. After an hour, I downed 2 bottles of alcohol already. Easy.... Need to rehydrate. Then came a fellow pozzie, Ate M. I texted him earlier, asking him if he's going out. He was trying to "avoid" me, not because he doesn't want to hang-out with me, but he wants me to lay low on my weekend gimmicks. Oh well, I am the black sheep of my poz circle, hard headed and stubborn.

Ate M was with his friends... MD, a doctor, who I find a little rough around the edges, semi-hot, a little shy. Then R, the chub guy. And then there was Star. Star and I were introduced last year but I guess he forgot who I was. He's the boy-next-door type.

My friend left early, good thing that Ate M and his friends where there... the night was young and I was in need of my weekly dose of clubbing.

People started to loosen up. MD was loosening up, he wasn't a snob after all. He was fun to hang out with. And hot. Hahaha. We hug every now and then. But I do know my limits in these situations. I don't take any step further than just being a good acquaintance. Not on first meet ups.

Later on that night, another poz came to the club with his friends. I was drunk and drugged already, decided that I need to rehydrate again. It's almost 5am. Need my sobriety back before I reach home.


I'll have my 2nd CD4 count on mid-May, right after the election. Do I worry much on my new CD4 count? Not really. But I do care. I started way low, a CD4 of 13. But life doesn't stop, the world continues to spin, and me just slacking at home won't make it better. I have my weekend getaways, and it's not really "weekly." I don't pull-out an all nighter like before. I make sure I have 8hrs of sleep at least. I monitor my alcohol levels. Etc.

I'm the daredevil but still cautious in a way. I work-out. I've been gaining weight. Building muscles. And slowly, trying to be a dumb blonde again. The pretty kid who can get away with almost everything. The guy who doesn't care much about what other people might say. I get criticized a lot of times. People are entitled with their opinions. But I don't get affected that much by how people reacts on every step that I take.

Living a life with HIV, what's "worse" than that. But in all honesty, I've never felt so alive.

2 Response to "Date Night"

  1. Juan de la Cruz Says:

    hello trese.

    being poz should not stop someone from having fun - with limits though. that's what i learned from you and other pozzies.

    i hope your cd4 would be much, much higher the next time you have your cd4 count.

    i hope i can join you and other pozzies on a night out soon. i really want to touch base and meet other pozzies.


  2. Juan de la Cruz Says:

    hi trese.

    mind if we exchange numbers? here's my email.