It's been a while

Yeah... been two weeks since I posted something in this blog. So let me give you a quick summary of the events that's been happening to me lately...

Gym Boy
I decided to go back to the gym. I have lots of time to spare these days so 3days/wk at the gym it is. Years ago, well, I am not exactly the buff type but I got those muscles in my arms, nice enough pecs, etc. I want to go back to that state + more. I told myself... i need to be hot. LOL. Oh, and healthy. The ARVs, one of its side effects, makes your muscle shrink. So rather than looking a bangkay, I need to go hit the gym.

I also enjoy running the treadmill. Running keeps my mind of things. I used to run 5km in 30minutes. Now I'm at 3km in 30minutes. I need to hit the 5km/30min mark. Hopefully by May, I'll join my best friend in one of those runs at the Fort.

I also need to increase my body weight. I'm only 52kg/115lbs. My target weight is 130-135lbs. With exercise, good diet and my protein shakes, I hope to hit my target weight by June.

Did I mention that I want to look hot again? Yes.... I want to be a little more superficial about myself. Hahaha. I plan to use my hotness to tease a bunch of people... be that almost perfect tease once again. I dared a friend of mine that within the year, I'll take my shirt off at a gay club. Be a gogo boy for a night perhaps. I know a couple of gogo boys... they might need another dancer in their group.

Career Check
I am reviewing my options once again. I'm currently a bum. I need a job. But not just any job like what I had. I saw some job openings that I want to get. Need to update my CV. I've been working for 6years already. I want to be somewhere between middle management to top management positions. And... a job in which I can really be happy and enjoy what I'm doing.

Summer Vacation
Was in Puerto Galera from Friday to Sunday. Helped out with the "Take the Test" project of E. Wasn't there the whole day but helped as much as I could. Got drunk every night, partied the night away with friends, with a pozie group at the beach, with guys who sandwiched me at the dancefloor. Never kissed nor played with a guy at Galera. I went to the beach to get my tan, to eat fresh sea foods, to see some eye candies while having a plate of rice, and to party at night.

Speaking of Sex....
My last sexcapade was in June 2009. It's now April 2010. I'm on a dry spell. I guess sex is not that appealing to me anymore. Being a poz was a factor for my sexless months, but I am searching for something more than just a casual hook-up. Or maybe I'm just saying it now... Maybe I'll have sex with someone tomorrow. Well... who knows really.

Preparing for my next CD4 count
I'll have my 2nd CD4 count around mid-May, after the national elections. E got a +100 after 6 months, Little J got a +70 after 4 months. Some got minuses. I know that my CD4 will be higher than 13... but how high? All I know is that whatever my CD4 is, I'll be happy about it.

Friends, Frenemies, Freaks
I still am in contact with my friends these days. The barkada drifted apart but we kept in touch. Some I missed a lot, some I don't. Some I found has trust issues with me, maybe his drug addiction burned his brain cells at a rapid phase.

As for new friends... Let's just say that I found one of them really close to my heart like my evil twin sister. And almost every week, I find new ones. I'm no Miss Congeniality nor Miss Friendship though. I just like meeting new people and share my interests with them.

As for FREAKS... oh well... HAYUP KAYO! LOL. One freak just tick my nerves. I applied the rule of civility to this guy but never will you find me making beso with him again. May pera ako, gusto mo sampalin kita... ng barya sa mukha...

That's about it. I'm keeping myself busy and pretty these days. A superficial bitch. A topless tease. A lucky bastard. Fierce not fears.

I know right? :p

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