New Boy, Birthday Boy, Oh Boy

New Boy

Last night I was out with a new pozzie friend. A newbie in the colorful world of HIV.

We had coffee and I was all ears for my newbie pozzie friend. I always tend to be the listener during first meet ups, trying to know and understand who the person is. Yeah, sometimes, people think that I'm a calculating bitch but not really. Anyway...

So this and that and I was glad that I was there for my newbie friend. I told him that the group I'm with is not a support group.

Let me clarify that....

I'm with poz friends. The support system is just an added bonus. We hang-out, we talk, we bitch around... like any ordinary barkada. Another circle of my many circles. I look at Mami, E, TGM, EM, Little J, etc... as my friends. And I'm sure, my newbie friend would be happy to be part of the circle.... See you soon!

Birthday Boy

Happy happy happy birthday to E! I met E around November. It was only last month that we started hanging out. Happy birthday E! More gimmick nights and more more fun with the rest of the Pantene girls. LOL. Super glad we met... Oh and yes... you owe me a kwento pa. By the way, i have a gift for you. See yah soon!

Oh Boy

Okay okay okay. So my blog identity got busted. No issue really. I trust you guys. See.... I'm living proof that life continues even when you're a poz. Just like E and H and those who are out with their poz status. Live life. Love. Laugh. LOL!

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