A Little Insecure

I always have my moments of insecurity. I think it is normal. I was never gifted with good skin, good physique, etc. I don't believe in good genes. Everything is hardwork.

Years ago, I pulled off a eurpoean-ish lean look. Biceps, triceps, pecs and abs. Nice skin color. But then a lot had happened to my life... My mom getting sick, jumping from one job to another, etc. To-date, I know I still look good. Maybe not modelesque but I do have something. I am-door not a head turner, the boy-next-door, etc.

I still have my rash marks. I dropped weight, at 53kg. I was hospitalized for almost a month last year. I partied every weekend last year. I used recreational drugs. Etc.

So this year is the year of looking hot and all. I was looking at my old semi-hunky pics. Give me 2-3 months and I'll turn heads. Boys will squirm and wish they know me. Hahahaha. Steps steps steps

1-Get out of my anemic state.
2-Go back to the gym.
3-Grow my hair long. I look hot and nice with long hair
4-Time to go out and shop more.

Yes... i may sound like a dumb blonde. The typical dumb blonde who just wants to be pretty. Well, nothing's wrong with being pretty. And I want to regain my title as the "Tease." Back then, I will just stand in a club or in the mall, make all those flirtatious moves. I love a good exchange of words, reparte. Body language and all. Kissing.... then.... not giving out my number at the end... I walk away...

Yes.... the "Tease" will be back. Soon.

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