I am friendly. No seriously. I am. But let me tell you another thing... There is a difference between being friendly and being friends.

Was in RITM last Friday. Almost all of my poz friends were there + G. Wasn't feeling really well due to my low hemoglobin but I was able to throw a few jokes every now and then. After lunch, we went to the annex area, Magic Sing time for most of the pozzies. I brought my laptop and have to do some work.

Here's the thing. When I'm working and focused on it... you cannot disturb me... don't even try. Haha.

And then came R. Well, in an ideal world, I guess our personalities will click... But that day, I was anemic, working, and bitchy. R started throwing jokes at everyone... No response from me. Then he started talking to me... rubbing me the wrong way.

I was being friendly.... meaning.. instead of attacking him, i just shut my mouth. That is the reason why I shut my mouth and just focused on my laptop. I do not want to start any tension at RITM... I can start a fight and I can claw his face off.

G was a bit concerned, me not being my usual self. I just told him that I feel tired and just need to finish something in my PC.

R then started bickering and heckling yet again. I chose to ignore him.

What I hate about R is that he can't take any hint!!! All bitches should know that when someone doesn't want to interact with them, that they should stop already. R kept on bugging me. But I kept quiet and chose to build a firewall between us.

After RITM, we had dinner at the mall then walked a long way towards the bus terminals. I talked to Avatar and told him why I was being aloof with R. I told him that I don't like R, and shutting myself up is me being friendly to him. I was about to tell R - "Are we close?" and
"Are we friends?" but chose to shut up instead. Yeah, R and I have almost the same personality but the difference is.... i know when to stop... and I'm prettier.

I don't like you. And I don't need to anyway. Good riddance.

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