LOL: Laugh Out Little

The pozies went on another field trip. Weeks ago, I asked them if they want to watch Live A.I.D.S. Live A.I.D.S. is not a play about people having HIV/AIDS. It's an annual comedy show by UP SAMASKOM.

8 pozies went to watch the show. E bailed out on us ("nagtago ang birthday gerl"). M can't make it. We had another newbie poz with us, poz23.

So.... Little Jenny was late. LATE. We waited for him til around 6pm before we went to UP. Sayang we we're unable to make tusok tusok the fishballs and/or boys in UP. At 6pm, the place was already packed with students and a lot of hot boys. KofiBoy pozie friend was there, some friends, officemates, etc. Did I mentioned.... hot boys? LOL. Laugh Out Little.

We we're inside the theater around 7pm. Good thing we arrived 6pm, otherwise, we will be standing through-out the show. Though we were not in great seats, being seated is already a delight. I remember years ago sitting on the stairs for 2 hours.

So then... Live AIDS started. I saw a good friend on stage as one of the actors. Clap clap clap. Super fun. "Ang sakit ng panga ko kakatawa" sounds like an understatement.

Love love love the Avakler skit (Avatar spoof). I love Aling Dionisia as well (Cobra). Sakit. Sarap, Sakit-Sarap. Alalalalalala Alou. A I I U U. Abnoynoy and Dick Garden. Hahahaha...

I sooooo miss theater. Back in college, i worked on scripts for my club. Nothing big really. I also choreographed a dance routine. And back in HS, I was on school and church theater (good old days of me and TGM).

After the show, before leaving UP, I pulled B.I.T.C.H. and introduced him to KofiBoy pozie friend. Then late dinner in Philcoa. Then a nice late night chit-chat with some of the pozies at Sbucks.

Poz23 and I shared a cab going south, dropped him along the way. I asked him about his first poz gimmick. So glad that he enjoyed the night... pucha... first time sumama, nanalo pa sa raffle! LOL. I told him that the poz squad goes out and have fun, talk about HIV/AIDS based on knowledge and experience. On a normal tone, conversational, not like having HIV is the end of the world.

I also told him that one way or another, his so called-career and my 2nd career choice can still be achieved. A little harder but can be done. Life does not end with HIV. That, I am an advocate of.

Speaking of advocacy. Bit by bit I want to help out on this. I want to voice out in the poz communicty that life goes on, that dreams can still be achieved. But I guess I want something more...

B.I.T.C.H, E, and TGM... need any help on the advocacy?

Live. Love. Laugh.... Laugh Out Little and it will take some of the pain away :)


I'm going to visit RITM tomorrow. I think one of my ARVs need to be changed. Low blood. Low hemoglobin count. I look pasty white. And usually get dizzy getting up in the morning. Headache. Etc. They might change my Zido to Teno. Good news is that I just need to drop 1 set of ARVs every 24 hours.

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