Get Busy

Been busy with work lately. Done with a project in Cebu weeks ago. Working on a new project. Work is good, crossing my fingers that I get a good enough rating so I can be promoted.

Blog has been neglected. Lots of stories to tell though. Will think of something to post. I knoe, this is a lazy update. But i think it's better to post something lazy versus posting something apathetic or emotionally draining or post something self righteous about oneself. Right?

So there. I'm still alive. Just busy.

2 Response to "Get Busy"

  1. thewanderer Says:

    nice to have you back. been following your blog since i re-united again myself to the blogsphere. keep writing! =)

  2. Ubermensch Says:

    nice meetin you personally, though very quick and informal. =D