Common Decency

One of my pet peeves is that I cannot stand when friends bail out on me.

Fact, they don’t owe me anything, but they could show some common decency. The total disregard for someone else and the lack of manners pisses me off. Manners. I’d rather have them say they cannot meet me instead of leaving me hanging on, checking my phone for a text or message every few minutes.

If I want to do something with you and clear my schedule to spend time with you, then why would you string me along and have me wait for you when you have no intention of ever showing up?

What pisses me off as well is that in this age of high technology, why can't they effing send me a text message when they need to cancel. 1 text costs a peso.

Then when they ask you for something, they require immediate attention.

Very inconsiderate right?

I could stand them up and bail out on them, block them from my mobile phone and Facebook.... but that would only bring me down to their level and I don’t want to do that because that would only make me more of an asshole then they are. And, I'm just too classy for that.

Karma will just bite them on the ass.


By the way, my blog was quoted in WegoHealth.
Go to to read the whole article. Thanks Jordan for mentioning my blog.

1 Response to "Common Decency"

  1. Kane Says:

    Ugh. Bailing out without any warning? Whew. Hassle. Was he/she spologetic?