Call for Action

Left and right, there are advocacies regarding the social stigma for PLWH (People Livong With HIV). I applaud the activists, the NGOs and the supporters. However, such focus and determination and time has been spent that they are missing the more tactical issues that pozzies in the Philippines will soon face in 2012. The ARV situation.

PhilHealth will be providing assisstance through the OHAT program which inludes an annual financial assistance of Php 30,000. Not sure if this is the latest but i got this info months ago. A month's worth of ARV (generic brands from India) will cost around Php 3,500 (1st line).

I can actually shoulder the expenses. But how about for those who cannot?

Are the existing NGOs working on getting funding from foreign institutions?

I wanna help. But how?

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