Update Up Late

It's been almost two weeks since I updated this blog. Been busy these past few days - meeting friends, working on my pre-employment requirements, partying and munching on anything within reach. For now I'll just write a quick update on what's been happening to me. I know you miss me... xoxo

Hired. After months of bum-ness, I finally got a job. It was not my dream job but I need to be practical and realistic. I don't want to burn my savings just bumming around. I just need to submit and finish my pre-employment requirements so I can start before this month ends. The position is very interesting. I asked X about how challenging the work would be and he said that it will be stressful yet will work on my advantage. In the past 6 years of working, regardless of what type of industry, I stay true to my expertise. With this new job, it will further enhance my skill set. I plan to be in middle management in the next 5 years. No more slacking off.

Friends. After I signed my employment contract, I met up with Kofiboy for dinner and coffee. It was sort of a double celebration since both of us will start on our new work this month. We had headed to Jalapeno in Home Depot for dinner then we had coffee at Starbucks. I then met up with X for some drinks then head home. I looked at my calendar and saw that I have less than 15 days of bumming around.

Day-Off. A day-off in my bum life consists of having a facial, a massage, a manicure, a pedicure and a haircut. Nice noh?

Birthday Pre-Planning. Months from now I'll be celebrating my twenty-xth birthday. I want a big celebration this time with all the glitz and glams and boys. A Mardi Gras weekend. Watch out watch out... the bitch is back! I need an escort though. Application ongoing.

So there... need to hit the sack. More updates to come. I'm back you bitches!

9 Response to "Update Up Late"

  1. The Chemistry Guy Says:

    ikaw na may day off! same sched ako dear..

  2. canonista Says:

    Congratulations to a new life! :-)

  3. Juan de la Cruz Says:

    i am very sure you can do well in your new job. :)

    miss ya. it's been a long time since we last got together ha.

  4. jericho Says:

    welcome back! and goodluck with work. excited?

  5. a46479 Says:

    congrats sa job! di na kita mahihila nyan sa moa pag napapadpad ako ng manila. =( hehe.

  6. Trese Says:

    @chemistryguy... hey rachel lobangco... kamusta ka naman?

    @canonista... a new life it is! :)

    @JDC.... yeah it's been a while na noh? the last time we were out was nung nagmovie tayo right?

    @jericho... yeah, I am a little excited. todo na. career kung career

    @a... amishu na friend. btw, nagamit ko na yung lube na pasalubong mo sa akin... hahahaha

  7. Call Me Frog Says:

    Nagamit na ang super slick strawberry slime! Alaveht!

  8. a46479 Says:

    ay... buti naman! baka mag-expire na. alam mo naman ang fruit-based stuffs - mabilis ang shelf life.

    at sino naman ang sinuwerte na ma-splash ng strawberry lovin?

  9. Trese Says:

    @A... hinalo namin sa McFlurry... LOL