Pause on Promiscuity

Running Man: I have this feeling that you had a promiscuous past.

Lucky: To be honest, yes. Add it up in my list... partee boy, bitch, and now... promiscuous

Running Man: I still don't mind... What's important is who you are today.... right?

Lucky: (kinilig)

I was a little promiscuous in the good old days. But my promiscuity to date... I guess... is slowing down. I have my limits. And I am not getting any younger.

...I once became someone's number 2. Without me knowing.

...I made out with my best friend. Not just once. Not twice. Not 3x. I think we did it 5x. In our defense, we were just under the influence of drugs. Both of us were mature enough to understand that it was just a kiss.

...I had sex with a married guy. In their bed. With their wedding picture in the night table.

Okay, okay... Too much information. I had... HAD... lived a promiscuous life. I want to take a "lighter" route. I'm not saying that I'll be one altar boy but I am putting a hiatus on my promiscuity. Need to prioritize on my health, relationship with people, my new work... and with Running Man. Yes. Running Man is on my list. Not equally important but still important.

Lalo na ngayon, tag-ulan. Ang daming palaka. At pagod na pagod na ako humalik sa mga palakang di naman nagiging prinsipe.

I am promiscuous... but like everyone else... I am fragile.

6 Response to "Pause on Promiscuity"

  1. Ex Jason Says:

    It's always good to take a break. There are a million other things you can spend your time and energy on. =)

  2. Trese Says:

    yeah... like magpaseksi ng bongga! :p heeeehehehehe.

  3. davidrockens Says:

    yep you are very fragile.. there's a fine line between sex and the life we wanted.

  4. Ex Jason Says:


    lol. so di ko daw talaga napigilang mag comment ulit. sige alis na ulit ako...

  5. imsonotconio Says:

    i like this post

  6. a46479 Says:

    'i am promiscuous'...weh? dapat ata 'i was promiscuous.'