Running Man

Running Man and I had our first official date last weekend. No expectations whatsoever. I did not considered our first meet up as a date since all we did was make out and get intoxicated.

We met up before 7pm in Makati, we were supposed to watch the 730pm screening of Inception but all the seats were already taken. We bought tickets for the 930pm screening instead. With hours to kill, we decided to get 1 round of drinks first, thinking that being tipsy while watching Inception would be really interesting.

We ordered our drinks and talked... yes.... we talked. That's what I value most when on a date. We exchanged stories, about our own lives, our friends, our family. Even talked about past relationships. They say that you shouldn't talk about your ex's on a date. In a gay guy's world, I think it's okay. Time flew and we got back to the movie house for the movie.

+Points... a guy who knows how to have good conversation without any drama...

He's a great movie buddy. We both like watching trailers. Hahaha. Then the movie started. He grabbed my right hand....

+Points... a guy who's not afraid to hold my hand in the cinema.

After the movie, he asked me if I want to come with him and meet his friends. His straight non-homophobic friends. He said he wants me to meet them.

+Points... a guy who let's me in into his world.

I usually do good around other people. I met his friends who were already drunk. Nice bunch of hags and stags. Had 3 shots of tequila in less than an hour. Hmmmm... is this sort of a right of passage? Hahaha. We transfered to a club to get some much needed dancing, still with his friends. At the club... still... more booze. I got more comfortable hanging out with his friends.

Every now and then, Running Man comes to my side and hugs me.

+Points... sweet!

One by one, his friends left. 5 of us stayed and finished our drinks. A number of people still dancing at the club. Running man and I had a small chit-chat, asking me if I had fun. I said yes and that I was glad that he invited me to meet and party with his friends. Then, he just kissed me.... IN A STRAIGHT CLUB.


We left the club and had breakfast. After breakfast, he waited for me to get a cab. I wished that we can spend the morning together but both of us were tired and sleepy. A cab stopped in front of us. We said our goodbyes. Then he gave me a kiss on the lips.


Got home and slept with a smile on my face. Such a sweet guy. A guy who's comfortable with his sexuality, who's not afraid to show how he feels. I then found out that I was the first guy that he kissed in front of his friends, the first guy that he kissed along the streets of Makati. He might be making bola but you know what, I don't care.

When I'm with him, I can be me. I can be loud, be playful, be a little bitch. I can be me. And that's big points for running man.

But the next question is.... will he still accept me and continue to see me when he finds out that I am HIV positive? Or will he live up with his pseudo name... will he run away?

Away from me or with me?

I haven't decided yet on when to tell him. So far, what we have is a little serious. We've been seeing each other for just about a week or so. It's still early and we're not rushing things. No sex yet, we haven't even talked about it. Don't know where we're heading. Again, no rush. Right now, we like each other. Not "just like" but "like" each other. You know?

Let's just wait and see what happens next...

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  1. Juan de la Cruz Says:

    if there was a like button here, i would have clicked it. haha

  2. Pipo Says:

    I think I just died because of kilig. LOL

  3. The Chemistry Guy Says:

    oh, ang daming points! ang landi! :P

  4. canonista Says:


  5. Trese Says:

    ako nga din kinikilig til now eh. ahihihihihi

  6. Ming Meows Says:

    nakakadilemma talaga.

  7. Trese Says:

    yeah... pero right now, i'm just enjoying my moments with running man. im not rushing things. di pa nga kami nagse-sex eh. :)

  8. a46479 Says:

    marunong ka pa ba...

    naks naman. truly, good things come to those who wait...