Ra Ra Sis Bum Ba

After a busy week at work, my friends (non-pozies) decided to go grab something to eat banchetta along Emerald avenue. A night market full of street food and eye candies (harhar) in the busy call center life of Ortigas. I had a half pounder monster burger. Oh yes, a half-pound beef patty, grilled… monstrous indeed. Waited for about half an hour then ate the whole thing in just 15 minutes. It was worth it. Was supposed to get other stuff to eat but then decided that we cannot take smelling “inihaw” ourselves. R and I went to Malate while J went home.

In Malate, R and I decided to go clubbing separately. He’s meeting up with old fling while I promised E to hang-out with him. I met up with E at the infamous and oh-so fire hazardous O-Bar. He was with Kane (work it work it) and Onestrangeboy. I already met E last November but it was our first night to really amped it up and party. It was fun night clubbing with E. Let’s just say we share the love for both music and dance. We were party boys. He introduced me to J and K… J I knew…. It’s a small world we revolve with.

Left E around 530ish, need to get some rest. We will party and go-gimmick again soon E. It was really nice to know that there’s a pozie that I just go dancing and have fun!

Slept the whole day, woke up, got dressed, went to another gimmick… Gimmick night with the pozies at Gateway.

Had dinner at T.Boy. Suprisingly, we were more than the usual 7 suspects. 11 of us were there.

- Mami of course… and G was there (yay!)
- Leather Boy and Avatar Aang
- IC, M and Yogi Bear
- Aling Baby, NY and J

Little Jenny was unable to join us…. Miss you sis!

After dinner, we had DQ and then decided to go….

Well, we first spent an hour or so deciding where to go. Cubao was never my turf, Palawan was NOT an option of course. Tomas Morato is boring. Malate was too far…. So I suggested we go to Ortigas and go clubbing at Obar ortigas.

Before Obar, we had…. EEEEEEK…. My fave…. Shiraz yellow tail. My fave!

We then went clubbing… IC and I go way back in our clubbing and partying days. M was a party boy as well. As for G…. last night was his big night. A reunion of all sorts… meeting his old school friend who is actually a good friend of mine as well. G and Mon and Peter, the Malate oldies…. And of course… G and the Gogo Boy! Ahahahaha….

It was fun… Clubbing and the drag shows. Here’s a clip of an impersonator of Lady Gaga, performaning Bad Romance…. Snap gurl!

And this is a click of G’s gogo boy… Pwede….

All I can say is that… G… ang landi mo! Kaya like kita eh. LOL.

Mami, NY, M. Leather Boy, Avatar and I went to Libis to get breakfast. Well… I didn’t get any. I was still high on EFV. Haha.

I got home before 7am… Was unable to sleep…. Because… uhmm… it’s something personal and I’ll just keep it to myself. All in all… in summary… it was a happy weekend for me, and I hope for the people I hanged out with, fun as well.

Ewan ko lang kay G…. kasi sya…. Super saya I guess… Hahaha… Wabyu friend!

2 Response to "Ra Ra Sis Bum Ba"

  1. a46479 Says:

    sana naman nakatulog ka ng by now.

  2. EM Says:

    nyahahaaah 'twas a great night tlg... FUN FUN FUN. rah rah ziz boom ba...