Consul: Hi, good morning, how are you?

Lucky: Good morning, I'm doing good.

C: So what is the purpose of your trip to the US?

L: I'll be attending business meetings for 4 weeks in *state*

C: Have you been in the US?

L: I went to *state* last 2005 for 3 weeks, then in *state* for a week to attend a business conference.

C: I see. Do you have relatives in the US?

L: Yes I do. I have cousins living in *state*

C: Do you have plans to go there after your business meetings?

L: No plans. I have to fly back here in Manila.

C: Okay. Your visa is approved.

Yes!!! I got my US Visa. I'll find out on Friday or Monday if I get 10 years. I think I'll get 10 years multiple entry B1 visa because I'll be going from one state to another. And I already had 2 US visas in the past. I'm flying to *state* soon. Will be there for 4weeks.

I'm going to the Basement* next week to get my ARV and a certification from the clinic just in case they ask about my ARVs and just in case I lost my luggage, so I can purchase my ARV in the US.

3 Response to "USA"

  1. Herbs D. Says:

    YAY! :D

  2. Green Xuanya Says:

    Congrats and do not forget my pasalubong!

  3. Trese Says:

    oh yes. sinabi mo na skin kung ano yung kino-collect mo.... btw, i'm going to NYC! Woohooo!