Ready Set Go

So everything is already set for my US trip. This is not my first trip to the US, this is my 3rd. I've been in the 5 years ago in different states. This time, I'm going somewhere in the east coast.

This aftie I went to the mall to buy my toiletries for the trip. I also bought a new jacket, it'll be a little chilly when I get to the US. On Thursday I'm getting my ARVs and my ARV prescription. Haircut and mani-pedi on Friday. I'll be gone for 3-4 weeks, depending on the daily progress of my client meetings.

I've already decided which clothes to bring. I'll pack light. Got tons of shopping to do in the US so I def need some space in my luggage.

This is the start of something bigger and brighter in my professional career. In the past, stumbled a few times, but I dusted myself off and picked myself up. Partida pa, pusit ako. No pun intended.

Two years ago when I found out that I was HIV positive, I thought that my life was over - mediocre job, poor health, zero friends, die alone. Yes, all those drama came to me but luckily, I was able to conquer my fear and insecurities. Living with HIV is hard, but I am still thankful because I am still alive.

People get drunk with their sorrows. I get wasted on my personal dreams. Libre mangarap pero walang mangyayari pag matutulog ka lang. Chase your dream, drop the drama and stop over-analyzing everything.

Look where I am now. Di ako nagyayabang pero sana I can help people with HIV be a little optimistic. Remember the time that you found out that you are positive? That will probably be one of the lowest point in your life, and you can never go lower. The only way is up and the only way to fly is to do something in your life rather that live in mediocrity and misery.

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    hi... i'm including you in my blogroll. hope it's ok...

  2. I AM HIV Says:

    you're an inspiration... :)