Mirror Mirror

I looked at myself in front of the mirror. I look okay. I used to weigh 120lbs. Now I'm at 130lbs. My partee days are over. But I know I can do better.

A month ago, I had a consultation at RITM regarding my ARVs. I am on Efav, Lamivudine and Stavudine.

Efav - Weird dreams check. Hilo factor check. Init factor check. Another side effect of Efav is having boobies (daw). So far, wala pa akong moobs (man-boobs). Minsan daw, sa belly area yung taba. Wala din naman.

Lamivudine - Hmmm... wala akong alam na side-effect.

Stavudine - The doctor asked me why I switched to Stavudine. I told him that I switched to Stavudine because my hemoglobin count and RBC dropped to anemic level. So ano pa bang side effect ng stavudine.... Eto, nawawala ang pwet ko.

Ipapa-page ko sana sa SM yung pwet ko, kasi nawawala!

The doctor said, without regular exercise, my muscles will shrink. Especially sa pwet. Susmiyo, wala na nga akong pwet, mawawala pa lalo.

He said I can switch back to Zidovudine but I need to go on clinical trial again for 3 months. Afraid. I think my ARV combo is doing great since my Viral Load is undetectable na. So there's only one thing to do...

Well, 2 options pala... ang magpalagay ng pwet... Or go back to the gym.

My schedule now is less stressful. Done na with a project. My next project will be in September pa. May gym sa office. May gym malapit sa amin. I just need to convince myself to go back to the gym.

I looked at myself in front of the mirror. I like what I see. It's been almost 2-years since I was diagnosed. I am healthier, mukha lang stress and haggardous versoza after work, pero healthy still. I look good in my slim denims and skinny jeans. Yes, walang kokontra, I have a pair of skinny jeans from Topman, and yes, I look good wearing them.

The man in the mirror is here to stay and live longer than anyone can imagine.

2 Response to "Mirror Mirror"

  1. eon Says:

    congrats on the undetectable viral load. :)

  2. Trese Says:

    thanks eon! :)