I'm working on 2 accounts, 4 deals, around 200 agents. Working on two cities. On top of that, I have my adhoc duties with another manager. I work 12 hours a day. Stress level is high. As in... palong palo!

The reason why I committed myself in working my ass off is because I want to get a promotion within the year. My boss has high hopes that I can get promoted as long as I do well on my commitments and deliver beyond the expectations of each project. Kaya ko 'to mga teh.

Getting a promotion means getting a higher bonus and higher salary. I need to save more money. In 2012, I'll be paying for my ARVs. Though with my current pay, I can afford the projected Php3,000/month for ARVs. Pero syempre I need the extra boost in salary for other stuff. Pambili ng vitamins, supplements, and pampaganda. Pang foot spa, mani-pedi, facialm pa-spa, ahihihihi. Diba... Dapat maganda pa din kahit stressed. Stressed ka na nga tapos mukha ka pang halimaw, san na ko pupulutin nun? Ewwwww. Oiliness is next to poverty!

And I am not getting any younger. I'll be turning 30 soon. And I want to be, at least, on a lead role (on a motion picture... char). The only way is up in the career ladder. I am an achiever. Kaya kailangan ko itich ma-achieve.

Kaya there... Super cut ang nightlife. Pahinga lang sa house. Spending time with my family and Doraemon. Ang gimmick ko is movie date with hubby. Clubbing was super nawala na. Siguro 1x every 2 months na lang. This weekend though, I'm going out with my trainers and agents and the clients. Pero ayoko makarinig ng anything about work this weekend otherwise mananampal talaga ako ng fez. Time for some red horsey.

So there... back to work.

4 Response to "Work"

  1. Desperate Houseboy Says:

    thats alright bro. pagdating ng araw, ikaw na ang milyonaryo. kaya mo yan. :)

  2. positHIVe Says:

    inay kayod lng ng kayod para sa kinabukasan ko! hahaha! magpapa-spa pa tayo, isched mo na masyado kang busybusyhan. :P

  3. Trese Says:

    @DH.... matagal tagal pa bago ako maging millionaire. hehe

    @fifi.... kayo magschedule ni jun jun. hehe. siguro sa end of the month.. sa 19 or sa 26.

    showing pala ang Zsa Zsa Zaturnah Ze Muzical sa CCP sa March. Pwede ako sa March 12.

  4. onestrangeboy Says:

    you should see exorcise girl whip her hair back and forth.