Cebu Weekend

I used to go clubbing twice a week. I drink. I dance. I party. I partee. I don't do random hook-ups though (well, maybe just 10% of the time). I just love dancing and hanging out with friends. I met most of my friends during club gimmicks. Yes, i'm friendly but I do have my snobby nights.

In the past few months, because of work, I kept my weekends to myself. At home sleeping, watching reruns, with Doraemon, with my mom and sis. I rarely go out. See, I live in the suburbs. I need to travel at least 1hr to the next joint.

But last night, my team had an impromptu gimmick. I'm in Cebu and I'm going back to Manila so they want to take me out somewhere in Cebu.

We had dinner somewhere in IT park. Had coffee. Then went to Mango to drink, sing and dance. I was with the company of straight people. Kaloka. Some of them spontaneously hooked-up (patay tayo dyan!) and I was left baby-sitting the rest of the team. One of my colleagues kept on pushing me to this guy pero naman ayaw ko. (1) I am committed to someone and (2) I am committed PERIOD.

I am flying back home. Can't wait to see my family, my dogs, my friends.

And of course... I miss Doraemon!!! Lapit na balentayms and our monthsary!

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  1. Green Xuanya Says:

    Happy V!