Monday, June 14, 2010 8:18 PM Posted by Trese

I was out with Kofiboy last Saturday. We had dinner at Som's.

First... about Som's.... not really that great. Pwede na if gutom ka... but it really lacks the authenticity of Thai cuisine. We ordered bagoong rice, red curry, pad thai and thai milk tea. While having dinner, I found out that Kofiboy stopped eating red meat.

Maselan... lol.

After Som's, we walked... yes... we walked.... from Som's to A.venue for some coffee. We passed by manang who lives in a push cart with her family and gave her our left overs.... chicken pad thai, shrimp pad thai, and the red curry. Good deed for the night. And no food goes to waste.

We had coffee from 10pm til 2am. Talked about our lives, about work, etc. Talked about people and bitched about them. Talked about past dates. Talked about our old promiscuous lives.

We decided to go for a walk... yes... we walked again... from A.venue to Ayala ave. It was a long walk. Passed by a group a trannies teasing us, a building fumigating (kofiboy... hindi sya fog), then finally to Ayala.

Another fun date with Kofiboy. I've been with a lot of friendly dates. You dine, have coffee, and just talk no-non-sense. I love love learning about other people's lives. I'm not chismosa... i'm just.... "socially concerned" about their twisted lives. LOL.

Every one is twisted in their own little way. Pozzie or non-pozzie.

2 Response to "Som's"

  1. canonista Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS Trese!!!!! Ikaw na ngayon si Otchentay-singko! Otche!

  2. Trese Says:

    Hey yah! Im keeping Lucky Trese... pero pataas na 'to dapat from 85. Next stop... 300! :)