It Floods

Since last week, good news just started pouring in. When it rains, it floods right?

1. Well to kick things off, a CD4 of 85 last Tuesday.

2. I had a number of interviews with good companies. I did great with company X unfortunately, my asking price is too high. I have my follow-up interview with company Y this Thursday.

3. I received a text message last night from a friend asking me if I am available this Saturday to "work" for them for an event (one of the biggest events in the Manila Gay Scene). This is the biggest break that I am waiting for.

4. I'm gaining more and more muscle weight. I look good in v-neck shirts now. I have pecs! I have arms! I have a nice ass! Teehee! 3 months of working out paid off. I still want to bulk up though.

5. Finally, my back-pay will be available next week.

So there... some updates. See you around bitches!

2 Response to "It Floods"

  1. Juan de la Cruz Says:

    good to know things are looking up for you! keep it up!

  2. Fred Says:

    1. Congrats with your CD4 count

    2. Regarding company X, may call-back ka. Just checked with the HR. Final Interview na yun. Kaw na bahala makipaghaggle. :) Baka maka-work pa kita ng di oras. hehehe. Cheers!