Fired Up!

A few weeks ago, one of the managers at worked saw me at Starbucks and said, "Hey, congrats!" I gave her a confused look and asked her why? She said that I need to talk to my supervisor.

I went online and pinged my boss, I asked her if there's anything that she needs to tell me. She was hesitant, I got excited. Finally, she told me that I was promoted!

I got promoted in less than a year! All the hard work done, the sleepless nights, the Excel Formula nightmares, etc. paid off!

Now I'm fired up! Not fired. Fired up! Fired up to take bigger roles. Woohoo!


Some may say that with the stress that I am getting from work, that my CD4 might suffer. Nah. I feel good, I feel great, I feel more alive than ever.

5 Response to "Fired Up!"

  1. positHIVe Says:


  2. Juan de la Cruz Says:

    good job! congratulations trese! :)

  3. john stanley Says:

    Congratulations to your promotion! Lucky? I bet not. Sheer hard work perhaps. ;)

  4. thewanderer Says:


  5. Trese Says:


    In a way, I got lucky with the projects that I was assigned to, but yeah, it was hard work. :)