10 Things I’ll Miss About You

1. When we first met at the hills, we connected like sisters from Lalaland. We’re like dumb blondes with LV handbags and on Jimmy Choo shoes. You reminded me of a big sister that I never had.

2. Our gimmick at OBar Ortigas was another treat! We’re like bitches on the dancefloor.

3. You were asking people for some naming ideas for your shop and you picked my suggestion. Ganda ng name di ba!

4. We banter, we heckle, we have our lucrative chit chats. Only you and E can keep up with this type of conversation with me.

5. The time when you asked me to hold your hand. You were scared because the dermatologist needs to inject something in your nakakagalit na pimple.

6. When I called you up around 7 in the morning to dish about your favorite friend. That was a hell of a wake-up call for you. Haha!

7. When you showed me an R-rated picture of you and A. OMG. Ewwwwww. Hahaha.

8. When we talk about music, drugs… and drugs. People around us were trying to figure out what the hell were we talking about.

9. Our not so frequent text messages. Especially the last one that I received from you. Wrong sent ka pa.

10. In Malate, I rode your bike, wrapped my arms around your waist. From Sonata to OBar just to make a scene. Oh diba.

You will be missed. I know that you are in a happy place. Until we meet again. Love you G!

2 Response to "10 Things I’ll Miss About You"

  1. imsonotconio Says:

    happy chinese new year!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    you must have lost a friend....sad! :-(