Went to the hills for my rash check up. Update: I'm now covered with rashes. Arms, legs, chest... face. Well, my face managed to just have rashes in my forehead and some red pigments on my cheeks that accentuates my cheekbones. LOL.

I arrived the clinic around 1pm. Fiesta at the clinic. Had my second lunch - kare-kare, bicol express, etc. J was there. Let's give J a blog name.... "Little Jenny" G arrived shortly. G... G... Georgina... hahahaha. Diba, very upper east side my two friends. LOL. Met other poziesas well.

No medication was prescribed for my rashes. I just need to stop my Nevirapine. I'm going back on Friday to have my rashes checked again. Dra said that my rashes will just go away but the timing depends on how much Nevirapine still flows in my blood. So it's water therapy I guess and bare with the heat and itch of my rashes. I asked Dra for a med cert. I can't go to work looking like a red marshmallow man.

Stayed til around 5ish. Super chicka portion with Georgina, Little Jenny and two other pozies - Jessica and Miranda. Super fun! Too bad Blair (BITCH) was in Cebu with E. Georgina and I talked about common friends, Little J scouted for house helps, Jessica from being happy down to a bit of depression because of his CD4 count dropping 44 counts (okay lang yan girl, you are 10 folds away from my CD4 count), and Miranda was bothered with the possibility of getting a tan from his ARV.... Tan talaga!

We then went to Festi with Georgina to but gift wrappers then off our separate ways. I got home and told my mom about my consultation then gave her the pa-noche buena money that she's been asking since last week. Hehehe.

So there... it was a fun afternoon that took my mind off my rashes. This too shall pass. According to Georgina, I should look at it as a right of passage. I look at it as goose bumps and freckles. FRECKLES! Hahaha

There you go upper east siders. Nothing beats a Tuesday afternoon with the pozies. Til next time....

xoxo... Trese

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